Functions of Endocannabinoid System


The human body is a perfect mechanism. Organs’ systems are in charge of the organism’s smooth functioning. They regulate many processes in your body, and one of them stands out. It is an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that scientists didn’t know about until a few decades ago.

This discovery changed a lot of things in medicine and pharmacy. Scientists have found that cannabis has many positive effects on health. The components of this plant act on ECS receptors. Cannabinoids resemble the substance that your body produces, which actually activates the ECS.

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Endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors distributed all over the body. Another significant part of ECS is anandamide, a compound that triggers those receptors. These two regulate a wide range of physiological processes.

Nerve Cell Communication

The function of nervous tissue is to allow the rest of the body parts to communicate with the environment and in-between. This process is mostly related to the communication of cells with the brain. The center of the nervous system activates all biological functions.

The role of ECS receptors is to ‘listen’ to what is happening outside and inside the organism. That is why they are located on the surface of the organs. From there, receptors ‘record’ every relevant change. Then, they send relevant data to the cell, and further to the brain. When this process is smooth, the central part of the nervous system sends feedback and ensures a proper cell response.

Brain Functions

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The previous function is related to the proper functioning of the brain. An ECS that works with optimal amounts of cannabinoids allows the brain to send enough information back to the body. If the ECS didn’t regulate amounts of these inputs, nerve cells would simply ‘burn out.’

ECS also plays a significant role in preserving cognitive and learning brain functions. Many direct and indirect mechanisms regulate these processes. Your brain is programmed to learn and remember vital information for your whole life. Proper work of ECS allows the fine-tuned transfer of data from and to the brain.

Emotions and Mood

Homeostasis involves not only physical balance but also mental well-being. In order for your body to reach this stage, your emotions must be under control. That is done by receptors located in the part of the brain responsible for handling feelings.

This part of the brain responds to both positive and negative stimuli. That’s usually something from the environment that triggers your reaction. And the reaction is actually how you feel at that moment. You might be sad, happy, or excited about something.

When the work of ECS is disturbed, the most common disorder is channeling emotions. People with this case are prone to excessive outbursts of both positive and negative feelings. They often suffer from anxiety and a variety of behavioral disorders. Also, they can’t cope with stress well.

Regulation of Inflammations

All the functions of the endocannabinoid system represent the proper response to stimuli. The inflammation in your body occurs when it fights potential pathogens. The task of the endocannabinoid system is to keep these processes under control.

If ECS can’t control inflammatory processes, they will escalate and create a problem in the body. It usually happens when there are not enough endocannabinoids in the body. These compounds regulate the transmission of pain and the cell response to this unpleasant sensation.

Untreated inflammation can stop with the healing process. That will cause significant damage to the body over time. Due to the fight on many fronts, your immune response weakens, and you become more prone to illnesses.

You need strong immunity ready to ‘fight’ viruses and bacteria at any time. That’s why your body needs endocannabinoids. You can help your body ‘restart’ the production of this compound in many ways. One of them is taking natural remedies, as seen on this original source. Only then, the ECS will work properly.

If no illness has been avoiding you lately, work on restoring the ECS to its normal state. Doctors will probably prescribe drug therapy. Also, there are some methods to boost the endocannabinoid system’s work. You can also rely on natural remedies such as CBD oil or some other hemp-based products.