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Growth Hacking Tips For Digital Marketers

growth marketing

Over the years, the way one does business may have changed, but the main focus has not. Keeping aside the mission and vision of a company, its primary aim is to draw the attention of customers and to make a sale. The sale can be of a product, service, a thought, or anything.

Of course, a lot of alterations and add-ons have been made in the entire process over the years. To that end, heavy changes have been brought in the Marketing trends. With the advent of digitalization, better and more effective tools are the need of the hour.

In the world of digital marketing, growth hacks play a crucial role in marketing efforts. Since your competitors are surely taking it a step forward, you can’t be stuck on the back seat! The following tips will certainly help you move on:

Excessive Dependence of Others OPN:

It is often said, that one should always seek out for the eggs in their own basket rather than checking out the ones in some other basket. Surprisingly, this quote applies to all, even to big business houses. Growth hackers generally rely a lot on Other People’s Network (OPN) instead of focusing to build their own followers and fans. The latter, however, is done by the Digital Marketers. To that end, in order to grow the business, one should consider the basic idea of backing their business and in continuation their own OPN.

Create a Facebook Group and Make Use of the Online Community:

Like in the real world, people tend to hang around with like-minded people on social media as well. They are more likely to share the tricks of the trade, professional ideas and such with a group which shares their interest. Such groups can be of your use when it comes to growing the business. Since the exchange of ideas, products, and services come in naturally, growth hacking follows.

Become Visible on Social Media Feeds:

Though trying to understand algorithms are important, do not spend all your time doing that. If you have a network of people who are willing to share and like your post after the launch of your product, make use of it! Such shares have a huge impact on your online visibility. Social media channels like Facebook tend to favour contents which have a higher amount of engagement.

Make Use of Every Single Lead Generation Technique:

Lead generation techniques can be used as effective growth hacking tools too. However, one must use it in a consistent, productive way, and to build relations instead of using them in an aggressive manner. If lead generation techniques are used correctly, a lot of outreach is possible.

Contrary to your belief, people do not lash out on receiving emails on a daily basis. However, the content must be original and of their use. Additionally, you can check out best tools for growth hackers here. These tools are the saviour when it comes to growth hacking so you better make the most out of it.

Master the Basics before Opting for the Bigger Gains:

Before anything, take care of the most basic requirement, Site traffic. Ensure that your site gets regular steady traffic on a daily basis. If not, then work on that first before going onto the other details. One can always change their Conversion Rate Strategy for the better. But if you don’t have the required traffic value to identify that trend, it is of no use.

Write In a Simple, Easy Way:

When you are writing a copy of the content for our target audience, it is important to keep it simple and easy to understand. Fancy industrial jargons will not be of any use since your audience will not follow them. Eventually, they will lose interest in your blog and stop reading them altogether.

Every profession dealing with the audience directly must keep their language simple, almost at the elementary level. This must be remembered even by digital Marketers. You are here to do business, not to sell a dictionary!

Be Selective About The Advice You Choose To Follow:

No matter what topic you are faltering in, there are tips and suggestions about it all over the internet. Experts, “marketing gurus”, and renowned bloggers are giving out advice on a daily basis in the forms of blogs and books. However, do not be blind to their pros and cons. It’s your business, you will know it better than anyone. So gear up and weigh the advice against each other. Then make you call.

We have just entered into a new year, it’s a new start all over again. Take lessons from your past mistakes and incorporate effective growth hacks to take your business forward.