Guide on How to Improve Customer Engagement


Customers equal profits for your business, but you need to think about more than just how you can get your customers to buy more things.

Customer engagement looks beyond getting more money from them. It helps you give back to your customers in a way that makes them feel a deep connection to your business.

It’s a smart move if you want to build a loyal fan base. That loyalty will pay off with repeat customers and recommendations to other people about your brand.

Keep reading to learn how you can improve your customer engagement.

Infuse Your Brand Voice

Branding every part of your communications helps establish your company’s personality. It gives customers a chance to connect with your mission and company style.

If people don’t understand what your company is about or they don’t see your personality, they don’t have anything to connect with.

Showing your face on social media and other platforms helps create that connection. Highlight the people who help your company run, so customers feel connected.

Segment and Personalize Communication

No matter what methods you use for pushing out communications to customers, using customization helps them better connect. That might mean segmenting your email subscriber list to send out relevant information to each group.

That could be using a CRM system to track customer habits and past interactions. That way you can give each customer a personalized experience when they communicate directly with you.

Find ways to make your customers feel like you truly know them and care to learn about them.

Follow Up on Conversations

Are you following up with prospects or waiting for them to come to you?

One of the best sales tips is to maintain communication with a prospect at regular intervals using that person’s preferred method of communication.

This might include prospects you meet at trade shows or even people who signed up for a free product or service from you but haven’t purchased.

Make sure each follow-up conversation has a specific purpose, not just a general checking in call or message. End with a specific next step to keep the engagement going.

Provide Engagement Opportunities

Your social media platforms are the perfect way to give your customers engagement opportunities. With 72% of Americans using social media, it’s an effective way to meet your customers where they already spend time.

If you’re using those outlets only as a way to push out information about your business, you’re missing the main point.

The two-way opportunity to interact with followers makes social media perfect for engagement activities.

Feature happy customers on social media. Consumers like to see other people just like them being highlighted.

Ask for feedback or opinions. Chat back with people when they share.

Post fun quizzes or riddles that get people talking.

Use live video on Facebook or Instagram to talk directly with your followers in real-time.

These activities give your customers a chance to engage with you and build a stronger connection to your brand.

Increase Customer Engagement

Increased customer engagement can help you grow your brand, increase sales, and develop a team of loyal brand advocates that help spread the word for you. Increasing engagement can turn your customers into one of your biggest assets.

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