The Pampered Professional – A Guide to Upgrading Your Home Office Space

One of two circumstances has driven you to upgrade your office space. Perhaps you have just started working for yourself, and your study needs a serious overhaul before it can be used for its potential.. rather than the room that seems to house all those miscellaneous items. Or maybe you have already been working in your study, but find it no longer inspires thought or creation. Whatever has brought you to this tipping point, we’re here to tell you that a beautiful home office is possible, and it doesn’t have to be littered with washing baskets and all those other bits. Unless that sparks your finest work, of course. Blending professionalism with personality, let’s explore ways we can upgrade your office space and establish an innovative environment in the process.

Poor technology creates poor results

That’s a fact. Poor technology will keep you from pacing through your work, and it might even cause others to think that you don’t take your work seriously. Invest in greater technology and equipment so that you can deliver a higher quality of work, in a fashion that is productive and detail oriented. Sourcing genuine ink cartridges is a great place to start, followed by a responsive laptop and a hard drive that can store your work so that it’s not lost in those times you need it most. There may also be some software packages that keep you focused and accountable to your work in this space, tracking workflow, billable hours and mindfulness. Take a look at these technologies and software and see what provides the best output.

Make it comfortable

If your study doesn’t make you feel comfortable, you will not spend time there. There is no argument there. And while a daybed and egg chair is not necessary, it is a good idea to furnish the space with a comfortable desk chair and even an occasional chair to recline while you regroup between bursts of productivity. You may also want to fit the space with a heating or cooling unit so that your study is a place you want to spend time in. If you don’t want to spend too much money on your home office revamp, you may even find that there are some comfortable items in your home just waiting to be repurposed within your home office space.

Inject some personality

Our bedrooms and living spaces can often feel like an extension of our personality. Hanging art, photos and memorabilia is not an uncommon sight, but it can be in your office space. Which is a real shame, as art can influence productivity in a big way. Think thought-provoking prints and eclectic art forms. To ensure a healthy stream of inspiration, you will want to upgrade the area with some personality and culture. If for no other reason, it will add to the greater vibe of your home!

Keep it sacred

You will find that the more you enhance the space, the more your family or housemates will take notice. Each person will have different rules about who can use the home office and in what capacity, but you should ensure that the area stays clean and true to its purpose. This is not a place to eat, and it’s not a place to play games on various devices. Your home office is a place of work, and you should only allow reading and being creative as the only exception to that rule.

Having a home office is a luxury that not all are afforded. Perhaps the property size does not permit, or you have one too many little people occupying those rooms. Start working on upgrading the space, and when you are finished remember to honor it and keep it in the exact state you wish it to remain.