HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review

Have you ever gone through such annoying experiences that after downloaded the films or videos you wanted in your smartphone or computer, but you found that they can’t be played in the right format; Or when you found some videos online and wanted to save them permanently but only to find that you cannot download to your personal computer. There exists a wide variety of video converter software in the corresponding industry which is hard for you to pick up. Therefore, now I would recommend this fabulous converter for you that is called WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

Abundant Converting Formats:

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports any input format of video and audio and supports converting to 300+ formats and devices so you don’t need to worry about that you can’t find the format you need. And there are just 3 steps for you to convert. First of all, drag the media files directly onto the blank area or add files by clicking “Add Files”, then select one output format you need by the right side, lastly click the button “Run” in the lower right corner. Till now Everything is done!

Video Online Downloading:

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports downloading video online from most mainstream video site, such as YouTube, Vimeo, BBC, Facebook, LiveLeak, CBS, Vevo, and other sites with channel and playlist. You can download films, music videos, tutorials, and workout videos, etc for saving and watching anytime and anywhere. In the meanwhile, the operation is not complicated, just needing 3 steps for downloading. Firstly, Clicking the “Download Video”, a dialog would be popped up like the one below. Copy and paste the URL of the video onto the black box on the top of the window, click the button–“Analyze”. Secondly, after analyzing is finished, just click the “Download” to start downloading. Finally, you can choose which folder to save your video flexibly at “Open Folder” after the process of downloading is done. Besides, you can also convert the video you’ve downloaded to other formats such as converting MKV to MP4 .

Interface with Simplicity:

For me the segment of HD Video Converter Factory Pro impressed me most is its simple and user-friendly interface. It can be operated easily for all levels, even for the beginners or senior citizens, because what you need to do is just following the introduction and guide.

Click and open this software, you can see there is a row of the toolbar on the top of the window.

  1. Add Files: there are two ways for you to add your video or audio files one of which is to click the icon “Add Files” for addition, and the other is to drag the media files directly into the black area.
  2. Download Video: download videos online that you want to save from mainstream video sites.
  3. Upload: you can upload your files into it.
  4. Clear: it allows you to clarify what you have done.

Then take the look at the right side of the window–“Output Format”. Click the icon of “inverted triangle”, you can get almost what you want for output formats, such as video, web, audio, 4k/HD, and devices which are orderly ranged so that you can easily find the format you want. In addition, you can custom your personal format by using the button of “custom”.

At the button of the main interface, you can move the slide block to adjust the video compression rate. And the output folder is available for you to choose freely. There is also a “setting” icon for you to set parameter flexibly.

Built-in Editing Functions:

  1. Merge: You can merge a couple of videos into one special video, and just need to add or drag the files together, then click the “Merge” to start merging. By the way, you can arrange them in the sequence you like.
  2. Clip: It supports preserving the part you want and removes the unnecessary section in terms of length of time.
  3. Crop: Reserve the picture you want via setting cropping frame.
  4. Special Effect: You can add special effect with Highlight, Darken, Grayscale, Bright, etc to rich images.

Other Incredible Characteristics:

  1. Batch Converting: WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can provide dealing with a batch of videos converting to save converting time.
  2. Ringtone: The software supports making ringtone for IOS and Android devices.
  3. 50x Faster Converting Speed: Conversion speed would be increased obviously with the supporting of the world’s most advanced Nvidia NVENC, CUDA, Intel QSV, Multi-CPU, Hyper-Threading, and Hardware encoding technology so that you don’t need to wait anxiously.


WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is not only a video conversion software but also supporting downloading video online, uploading files and editing videos. Even though there is a large amount of video conversion software in the market, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro could stand out lies in that such an all-in-one fantastic program would satisfy your need for video editing. If you have any concerns about video conversion, you should not miss it. I suggest that you can free download HD Video Converter Factory Pro here for a try.