Home Maintenance: Taking Care of Your Deck

Jackets have been stored away, sunscreen is flying off the shelves and everyone is looking forward to their upcoming vacation. These are just a few signs that summer has finally arrived.

If you’re not traveling, you’re probably still planning on stepping outside sometime soon to take in the fresh air and sunshine. Many people are lucky enough to have a deck where they can kick back, read a book, or take a quick nap as a way to take advantage of the season. Your living room and interior may be perfect, but nothing beats an afternoon in the sunshine.

A deck is just like any other place in your house; it needs upkeep and care so you can continue to use it for years to come. But what are the best ways to take care of your deck? One way is to contact a cleaning company like Chicago cleaning services. For other ways keep reading.

The Basics

Whether you have a small deck, big deck, or terrace area, this part of your home is going to feel the brunt of whatever the weather has in store for it that day. Heavy rains? Check. Harsh winds? Check. Hail? Check. F6 tornadoes? Hopefully not.

Even though you may not use it year-round, it’s an area that you need to keep constant maintenance on. That’s anything from sweeping and cleaning out any debris that is in between your floorboards. Use a putty knife to knock out any rocks, branches, or leaves that begin to build up over time.

If you have a vinyl or composite deck, make sure you’re mixing an appropriate cleaner and warm water to remove any mold, stains or mildew that could build up over time.

Be sure and give the supporting beams and underside a look as well. Any rotting, excessive mold or termite damage could mean a lot more work for you and less time enjoying your deck.

If your deck is surrounded by bushes and trees, be sure and trim them as well to lessen the amount of debris that will fall on and around your deck.

Power Washing

There are few chores that can match the satisfying feeling that power washing gives. There are many reasons for this: it’s quite easy, you can see your progress immediately and it’s incredibly fun.

Power washing your deck is great for any material you have, whether it be wood, vinyl or composite. Just remember to adjust the power setting accordingly. If it’s too strong, it can start to damage your deck or chip away at paint over time. Too weak and it will be like spraying a hose around, just getting everything wet.

It’s best to power wash on a sunny day where the remaining water will dry away quickly and you’re not left with a bunch of puddles lying around, no matter how fun it may be to jump in them with your rain boots on.

Deck Staining

Deck staining always feels like you’re taking your deck from the minor leagues to the professional leagues. Staining anything just gives it that extra layer of beauty that wasn’t there before.

Staining gives great results but it takes an incredibly long time to do. Most people have to carve out a minimum of two days before undertaking the project. It also requires a ton of steps.

First, you’ll have to clean off the deck by sweeping and removing all debris. Then, you’ll have to sand the deck. If you’re someone who has a big deck, this process could take the majority of your time.

If there are any missing nails or screws, you’ll have to replace those before starting your staining journey. If they’re simply hanging out a bit, you can always hammer them back in instead of trying to take them out.

It’s safe to say, you’re going to want to have a perfect deck before you start staining. That’s why many people turn to deck staining professionals, like the ones found on Blogger Local, to get the job done. They’ll be able to go through the whole process and you’ll be able to save time and not worry about making any mistakes. That’s why many people turn to

Whatever you decide to do with your deck, make sure you continue regular maintenance so you don’t have to replace your entire deck later down the road.