How do I Turn off Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry in Windows 10?

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry in Windows 10

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry (MCT) has provided users with some significant benefits. It is designed to determine how Windows devices and other associated software works. Furthermore, it records data on the device that serves as feedbacks which is directly forwarded to Microsoft for better services and performance. However, MCT often consumes over 50% of the disk space, which slows down the functions of a PC. As a result, users of Microsoft often complain about this.

Similarly, MCT also occupies a lot of disk space in a Windows 10 which also slows down its process. Thus, the main issue is how do users be able to address this situation? There’s no need to worry because there are different ways on how to turn off the MCT.

Solutions to Turn Off Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry on Windows 10

Try out these easy methods to fix the problem occurring on your device because of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry:

  • Turn off or Disable the working of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry by making use of group policy editor. It can be done by:
    • You have to press the Windows logo key +R together on the keyboard.
    • As you see the run dialogue box before you, you are supposed to type gpedit.msc and then click on OK.
    • Now, go to computer configuration, click on administrative templates, enter into windows components and then finally data collection & preview builds.
    • You will get an option for Allow Telemetry, double click on it.
    • Here you will get three option, click on disabled and then press OK.

After which, proceed to task manager to confirm if you have successfully disabled the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry. If it works, then it’s great, if not, you can opt with the alternative method detailed as follows.

  • Make use of Registry editor to fix the issue and interrupt the working of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry. To begin with the process, you can find the solution here
    • Open the Run program on your Windows 10 computer by pressing Windows Logo Key + R key.
    • Now type Regedit in the box and then click on OK.
    • As you press OK, you will receive a prompt from User Account Control and then press YES.
    • As it gets completed, open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, next click on SOFTWARE, then POLICIES, MICROSOFT, WINDOWS and finally the data collection.
    • As you right click on Data Collection you will have an option to select New, click on it and then select Dword (32-bit) value.
    • Here you are supposed to rename the new name as Allow Telemetry. Now double click on Allow Telemetry.
    • Now you will have to enter a value data. Set it to 0. As you set the value to zero and click OK, the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry for Windows 10 would be disabled and your problem can be fixed easily.

Both methods enumerated above can terminate the MCT. The result of the termination process can be checked by visiting the task manager. As it appears, both processes are easy and handy. No other complexities might occur when these procedures have been properly applied. In effect, more task can be accomplished smoothly.

Final Words

Disabling the MCT may increase the speed of your PC. However, if after doing so, and your PC is still running very slow, then the problem could be its memory. That means you need to clear it up. Consequently, when a PC disk usage is low, it would make your Windows 10 work faster. Nonetheless, issues related to MCT on PC are easy to handle. Just be patient enough in browsing the internet and you will find solutions, such as free tools and tips.