How Tech is Improving the Way People Fly Privately?

It wasn’t so long ago that flying privately was an exclusive affair for extravagant people. However, it’s no longer an experience that’s strictly reserved for the rich and powerful. Today, many people can take to the skies in style, whether they’re millionaires or have a modest wage.

Still, one of the ways flying privately has been made more accessible is through technology also. But how has this been achieved, and what are the technologies behind this recent upsurge in private air travel?

Consequently, here’s how tech is improving the way people fly privately.

The App

Charters such as JetSmarter have run with the concept of on-demand private air travel, who was recently acquired by the juggernauts of private jet hire, Vista Global. This acquisition enables VistaJet to utilize JetSmarter’s digital booking technologies; namely the app that lets customers easily book flights. It’s an online presence unlike any other and puts these companies in touch with everyone, instead of the fortunate few.


Of course, people can’t access the apps without the assistance of Wi-Fi. It’s something everyone is familiar with in modern times, but nevertheless, it shouldn’t be underestimated. Almost everyone in the world has some kind of presence online, and sectors for private air travel are ever keen to establish their presence in the world wide web.

These days, booking a flight can begin as a pipe dream, a mild curiosity in the back of someone’s mind. From utilizing the Wi-Fi for a quick Google search of potential holidays, those curiosities can suddenly transform into concrete plans; hotels are booked, and private air travel is sometimes included a package deal too. Ultimately, it all begins with the Wi-Fi!

SEO Marketing

Of course, a big part of getting seen online is through utilizing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing practices. Apps are undoubtedly brilliant, but when push comes to shove, only a fraction of the customer base will ever come across them organically or through a recommendation. To improve things here, some potential customers need to almost be guided to the app or charter company first.

Through a combination of keywords, tags, link building strategies and more, a charter’s website can climb its way through online search rankings to the peak of public consciousness. It keeps them relevant and in the top tier results pages so that anyone searching for flights online will immediately come across the link to charter’s website. In the end, SEO is a major stepping stone in helping private flights be more accessible to all.