How the Automotive Industry is Using Digital Advertising?

The automotive industry has come a long way from traditional communications (i.e., TV and print) to digital advertising. Twenty years after the dot-com bubble, companies can now communicate with customers at a more personal level through online interactions.

The internet is widely accessible. Hence potential buyers are easier to reach for sales and long-term relationship building. These are significant reasons for you to seize the opportunities available through digital advertising.

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is a means used by businesses and marketers to build presence via the internet. Published advertisements on the web are part of digital advertising. To gain more impact from their efforts, digital advertisers use these major channels for opportunities to increase brand awareness:

1. Search Engines – Google Ads

In the world of Google searches and Search Engine Marketing, it’s advantageous for businesses to appear on the first page of a results page. If potential customers quickly see your business after typing in the search bar, they’ll most likely visit your website or digital showroom.

2. Social Media – Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube

There were 244 million social media users in the United States in 2018. The majority of social media users come from households where people will potentially purchase new vehicles in the next few years. You can target these with exciting graphics or videos which talk about your business and its services.

3. Websites – Display Ads in Forms of Banners, Pop-Ups, Flash Images, or Videos

Brokers and publishers have a network of website owners under the automotive category. Digital advertisers usually negotiate ad rates with websites that can optimally be visited by your target customers.

4. Emails or Digital Newsletters

After making a sale, you can keep in touch with customers through email campaigns and newsletters. Scheduled newsletters can include advertisements that offer long-term services relevant to them.

The Importance of Digital Advertising in the Automotive Industry

Based on the Pew Research Center’s survey in 2019, 81% of Americans go online every day. 45% of them are online several times a day, and 28% almost always use the internet. Internet usage has become an essential part of virtually every American’s habits, and automotive businesses are taking advantage of this 21st-century phenomenon.

Many of today’s Fortune 500 corporations have their digital advertising campaigns leading to online relevance. Every top corporation has expanded their marketing departments to include digital marketers. This new breed of marketers now has the responsibility to ensure their brands stay visible with their target followers.

How Does Digital Advertising Help the Automotive Industry?

According to Google’s internal data in 2017, 60% of all automotive-related searches were done via mobile devices. Around 40% of car shoppers who watched a video about cars or trucks ended up visiting a dealership. Google searches and future dealership visits point to the current reality that customers consider online research as a significant part of their purchasing processes.

Because of digital advertising, local dealerships have higher chances to sell their cars and offer related services. By purchasing ad spaces, more potential buyers will be routed to your online showrooms. Awareness will increase, and by possibly indicating a limited-time promotion in their digital ads, automotive businesses can further gauge the effectiveness of their advertisements.

How Can Your Automotive Company Use Digital Advertising?

Your automotive company can immensely benefit from digital advertising. By identifying your objectives and knowing which customers to target, you can devise a campaign and measure every tool’s success. Many success stories have shown an increase in in-store visits and even transactions.

There are a myriad of advertising channels that can feature your business. Your online ad must resonate with the values of your target customers, and it also should be visible during their peak hours of internet use. Advertisers will then use analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your ads, so you’ll see the measurable results of your efforts.

There are countless ways of going about digital advertising campaigns, and the best ones will help you meet your goals.

Why You Should Hire a Digital Advertising Agency

An agency has teams of digital advertisers who’ll make sure you’ll reach your customers and help you with leads for sales. Look for an automotive digital advertising agency who’ll excellently implement your campaigns. They also have the best practices and will use their years of experience to ensure the success of your efforts.

A digital advertising agency will have extensive experience in launching global advertising campaigns. The agency will have already established themselves as a leader in introducing new car models to the market through creative marketing teams. They will help you launch and scale your digital marketing campaign across the globe through the use of custom technology platforms.

Seize Opportunities Through Digital Advertising

You can tap into the productive potentialities of digital advertising. Thousands, if not millions of customers can visit your virtual store at their fingertips, wherever they are. See how campaigns can lead to sales and long-term relationships today by establishing your digital presence through advertising starting today.