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Keep Them Safe: How to Baby Proof Your House in 4 Simple Steps

It’s a very grim statistic, but the injury is the leading cause of death in both children and young adults. Every year, around 12,000 Americans aged 1 to 19 die from unintentional injuries.

It’s terrible to think about, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. However, there are ways you can make your home safer for your little ones.

Here’s how to baby-proof your house in 4 simple steps.

1. Check Your Water Heater Setting

When it comes to how to baby-proof a home, the water heater is easily overlooked. However, considering you’ll need to bathe your infant at least once every few days, you need to ensure the water temperature’s always at a safe level to avoid scalding their sensitive skin.

Make sure the temperature isn’t set above 120 degrees. Not only will this protect them during baths, but it’ll also keep them safe when they get older and are curious about playing with knobs. The water won’t get hot enough for them to accidentally burn themselves.

2. Keep the Crib Clear

You may have received lots of various blankets and toys from your baby shower. Naturally, you want to place these items in the crib with your baby, right?

But all these things are hazards and can contribute to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Not only should you leave blankets and toys out of cribs, but also pillows and crib bumpers.

View everything as a potential choking or smothering hazard and keep the crib as clear as possible.

3. Use Cabinet Locks

When your toddler starts crawling and walking, they’ll get into everything they can. Since many cabinets are accessible from the ground, you’ll have to know how to baby-proof everything to keep these inquisitive minds safe.

Cabinet locks are great since there’s an extra step required before you can access what’s inside. Think about also placing some on drawers that are higher up. That way, once your child gets bigger, they still can’t get into mischief.

Read more about innovative cabinet locks, such as EliteBaby’s. Their locks use magnetic power for a better look.

4. Secure Heavy Objects

Once your baby’s mobile, not only will they try to get into everything, but they’ll also start tugging on whatever they can. That dining table with the heavy vase and long tablecloth? It’s best to at least remove the tablecloth so your child can’t pull on it and have the vase come crashing down on them.

Look for other things that may be potentially unsecured, such as your TV on its stand. Try and imagine what would come crashing down during an earthquake and that’ll be the best way on how to baby-proof your home.

Know-How to Baby-Proof Your House Properly

By knowing how to baby-proof your house, you can keep your entire household safe and sound. You’ll have better peace of mind knowing your small child can’t get into areas they shouldn’t be in. They also won’t be harmed by things that are easily adjustable before their arrival.

So by taking a few small steps, you can make sure your child grows up in a safe environment.

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