How to capture videos on Windows 7 using Movavi Screen Recorder

Recording your screen is something so necessary these days, it’s become second nature for most of us to have a hotfix affixed to start recording our screens, but that’s Windows 10. We’re working with an Operating System that has screen recording built into its roots. But what about someone working on a Windows 7 system?

Whatever be their reason for sticking to the old version of Windows, what happens when they want to record something that’s going on on their screens. What do they do?

Get a third party application that does the job is what they do. Now you know exactly what the internet is like. One wrong click and you find yourself knee-deep in dead links, malware and whatnot. You don’t want something that ruins your PC completely and going around downloading every software out there while looking for the one isn’t an option. So we’re gonna make that task a bit easier for you. We’ve got our hands on possibly one of the best screen recording software out there. Movavi Screen Recorder makes recording your screen a task so simple and easy that it kinda outdoes the native screen recording app that Windows has built into Windows 10.

Movavi Screen Recorder Review

An easy to use, yet intuitive software, Movavi Screen Recorder does the job required off it so well that you’ll never have to look at another software ever again. Whether it be game captures or making tutorial videos screen recording becomes super easy for you on Windows 7, which never shipped with a built-in screen recording software. This is why the demand for these screen recorders is especially high particularly in the Windows 7 or older department.

Another interesting selling aspect of Movavi Screen Recorder is its price. Which is…


Yes, this software is completely free to use for everyone.

Unlike the competition which is busy selling “bonus” features under a PRO version, Movavi Screen Recorder gives you everything in one package. And that package is free. No add-ons no nothings, what you seek is what you get. Which is something we appreciate.


Now talking about the features we mentioned earlier. Let’s take a brief look into them:

Capture whatever is on your screen in full quality:

With Movavi Screen Recorder you can record whatever is on your screen, whether it be a seminar or you killing some trash kids on Fortnite. Everything saves in full quality with 0% loss.

Capture sound from multiple sources. Individually or with the screen recording:

With the help of this recording software, you’re not simply limited to recording your screen, it can also be coupled up as a handy little audio capture device. Hook up your mic and start talking.

Another brilliant feature is the ability to capture audio from multiple sources. Only want to hear your beautiful voice, you can do that. Only want to hear the boys talking trash on Discord, you can choose to simply filter that out. Another brilliant feature.

Export videos to any format:

Now after you’re done with all that hard work you’re gonna want to export it into a format you can work/edit it in right?

Well, Movavi have you covered there as well. With this software, you can export recorded videos to pretty much any known format out there. So much for an effort eh?

Summing up this little package can come in really handy for someone who actually needs/uses a lot of screen recording. Especially with YouTube firing up the way it is, we’ve got plenty of aspiring people out there looking for a cheap solution to get them started. Well this is the one they’ve been waiting for. And forget cheap, this one’s free! And to be honest it gives a fight to a lot of those premium services out there!