How To Collect More Gold in RuneScape Game?

RuneScape is a fantasy based MMORPG which was released back in January 2001 by Jagex. Initially, it was a browser-based game, but later a standalone client got released. It is one of the most popular MMORPG ever; it holds the Guinness World record for 200 million + accounts. It is also the most updated MMORPG game out there.

In this article, we will be solely focusing on four ways through which one can collect extra gold and build empires through that in Runescape gold in 2018.

One of the things required in the game to survive and enjoy is gold. Gold is its in-game currency, and you need it to make spells, cast objects, and many more activities are performed with gold. In this article, we’ll tell you how to collect more gold in the RuneScape game(also known as RSGOLDFAST), the fast and easy methods.


It is one of the basic ways to get experience and money. You can mine iron ore or coal and earn up to 30K gold easily. If you are high level in the game like level 85 or something you can mine reunite. It is limited in the game, therefore, more expensive and exclusive. Other than that mining Rune or Pure essence is also valuable.


You can buy raw products and then sell them at a high price. Trading is harder in RuneScape but still manageable. You can get raw materials from lower than usual rate and then convert them into something useful. It requires hard work, but it pays off as players pay a right amount of valuable things.


It is another primary way of earning, and you can quickly master it. Main prey to look for are lobsters, swordfish, monkfish, and sharks. You can sell the fish raw, or if you have cooking experience, then you can cook and sell for more profits.


If you are at a lower level, earning through mining or other ways might not be that profitable. The best way for you is Woodcutting. If you cut trees regularly and gather logs, then you can sell them for loads of RS Gold. When you are at a higher level 85+, then you can gather Magic logs. Further, you can chop elder trees which can make you over 600K gold. This is stated to be the best, easy and most effective way of collecting the Runescape Gold in the game in 2018.

That’s it from us on the part of collecting extra gold in Runescape game, all of the methods are working and have been listed as per the different opinion of people online across the globe.

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