How to find Number of App Installs per Keyword?

Anyone who has been dealing with mobile apps, as well as ASO, knows that the app stores are quite restrictive as to the amount of data which is being provided to the developers. Now according to the expert study of ASO Factors & Trends, it is being said that app marketing specialists highlight the main trends. Further, Google will end up revealing the installs per keyword data. This particular prediction made by experts came true.

Since after, Google has introduced the long-awaited update, revealing to developers that the data about keywords which bring installs to the app on play store. Moreover, Google primarily breakdown the organic traffic which comes from Search and Browses. However, this feature still stays in beta version and there is only 1% of developers which can see the full data disclosure on their Google devices.

Well, the good news for you guys is here comes the new exciting announcement that recently a fantastic new indicator that finally tells you how many installs a keyword brings to your app! It all depends on the keyword’s volume and on how your app ranks on the keyword. Below are the details:-

Discover the Number of installs a keyword drives to any app in both Stores

Recently, Google launches its new feature which reveals the REAL keywords that bring installs for Android apps on Google Play Store. Search is the primary source of the app discovery, and over 50% of the users primarily find apps through search with both on the app stores and web search.

So, make an effective business decision and optimize the visibility of an app, you need to rely on accurate data; you can’t trust on estimates here. In the installs per keyword report, you’ll get the data taken directly from Google Play Devices.

How App Tweak Help you improve your Keyword Optimisation strategy?

  • You can learn which keyword is bringing organic installs to your app.
  • Evaluate the conversion rate to install on any particular keyword.
  • Review the detainment of users that are coming from search terms.
  • Helps you to focus on keywords that perform well for your app in terms of downloads, conversion rate as well as retention.
  • Optimize indexed textual elements of your app accordingly.
  • Tweak your keyword strategy and monthly improvements also.
  • Benefits from the increase in organic installs.

How to view Installs per Keyword in the Tool?

To compute this estimation, we’ve used the data from thousands of apps which are connected with Google devices and App Store Connect to App Tweak. By accumulating the installs per country and per keyword, and by adding various elements into the formula, we have found a powerful estimation algorithm.

Impact of Keyword Volume on Total Installs

The keyword volume is a significant element in the formula. More the volume of the keyword the higher the total number of installs it can drive. Moreover, you can compare keywords with volume differences and see how the gap translates in terms of installs.

Impact of App Ranking on App Installs

Another critical element in determining the number of installs a keyword drives to your app is the position of your app on that keyword. Now, using a lot of data, we have assumed that the portion of total downloads in app reaps according to its rank on the word.

Just compare your competitor keywords with yours and check which keyword brings the most installs for them. You might also find exciting keyword opportunities which are worth targeting.

Impact of Branded Terms on App Installs

Another critical element which we have added to the formula is considering if the keyword is a brand name or not. This can have a more significant impact since the users searching for a brand name are likely to download the app that has that brand name.

If the keyword was generic, then the other app that ranks in the second position will probably convert lesser than usual.

Organic Search Install Data for ASO

Even though most of the data is hidden, Google’s Installs pr keyword report has shed light onto some KPIs that hungry for data marketeer have been looking for. Now those who still don’t work with suggested and long-tail keywords will hopefully change their minds. And one of the most important takeaways is the relevance of the keyword matters way more than the traffic it has for both the Conversion Rate and User Retention.

The Bottom Line

Download Per Keyword and Reviews with Keywords is one of the most essential ASO factors. It is taken into account by App Stores algorithms when ranking apps and games for specific search terms.

You require the accurate data for installs per keyword as it can help marketers as well as developers to understand their Search Optimisation Strategy better. Now if you don’t how long will Google take to provide the data then you can find the one.

What do you think of New ASO feature? Now if you have any queries or suggestion then do let us know in the comment section. Also, tell us what’s your experience with ASO.