How to Fix Kodi Buffering Issues?

Kodi is the most widely well-liked media player among the people globally. It is not only going to allow the users to play with the support of builds and add-ons, but also offer free streaming. Easily the users of Kodi can stream Movies and TV shows that whenever the entertainment demands. People who are the users of Kodi for a long time may find buffering issues. Yes, Kodi is absolutely great but still has its issues and deliver frequent disruption which turns into frustrating experience.

However, there are different ways to fix this Kodi buffering issues. Here, the discussion about fixing the buffering issues would be helpful to get a smoother process. Not only buffering issues, many users also having an issue with error. Before jumping into the solution, using a VPN will be a good thing in order to prevent various issues. Once started using VPN, then it will be difficult to monitor the activities by ISPs. So, the usage of VPN will always be crucial when handling the Kodi. As per the sources, ExpressVPN could be the best and fastest VPN for the better user experience.

How to Fix Kodi Buffering Problems

The steps given below in the procedure to fix buffering issues would be simple and useful. It is crucial for people to follow all the mentioned steps instead of skipping it.

  • Fix Kodi buffering issues with an Advanced settings file
  • First of all, Launch Kodi and click the icon Settings for further process
  • Now, click system settings and navigate near to the Add-ons menu then make sure to turn on Unknown sources
  • Click the button back on remote in order to get back to System page and tap on File Manager
  • Click Add source and then tap on None. Now type the URL then click the option OK
  • Make sure to highlight the box which is under the source that typed in. Enter the name when it comes to the media source and type any name to identify this source then click OK
  • It is the time to click back button on remote to get back to Kodi home screen and tap on Add-ons menu
  • Now, click on small icon Open box which is available at the top side of the page under Add-ons heading then tap Install from Zip file
  • Click now the media source with a respective name that assigned earlier and click
  • Wait until the Durex Wizard add-on message to appear on screen and tap Install from Repository
  • It is necessary to click Durex Repository and then tap on Program Add-ons then click Durex Wizard and Install
  • Get back to Kodi home screen and start to launch Durex Wizard available in the category of Add-ons
  • Click the option Maintenance and tap on System Tweaks/Fixes
  • Then, click Advanced settings and tap Quick Configure AdvancedSettings.xml
  • Now, adjust the settings and click the option Write File then restart Kodi

Final words

The issues like Kodi buffering may always be an obstacle to get the best user experience. Hopefully, the solution given above will help to reduce the buffering problems.