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How to Generate B2B Sales Leads: 9 General Tips to Know

Millennials make around 73 percent of the purchasing decisions within a company. This means that in order to generate business to business sales leads, you must focus on marketing channels that cater to this demographic.

The good news is that opportunities to sell to the digitally savvy buyer are everywhere. Check out these 9 tips for generating sales leads.

1. Social Media

Social media is a great way for brands to tell a story or simply give their existing image more personality. You control the conversation about your brand and who you target using hashtags.

Hashtags allow you to conduct searches to find users on social media interested in a particular subject. This system is great for finding sales leads on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter that professionals are more likely to frequent.

Sharing information works to generate sales leads when you choose the right content. Relevant, helpful content engages users and encourages sharing with colleagues.

Invest in analytics that helps you track changes in customer behavior as well as their ongoing needs and wants.  Adding your website information and other contact details allows sales leads to communicate with you outside of social.

2. Use Sales Enablement

Your sales team can be a concierge for new leads. This transforms them into a resource instead of a source of an intrusion.

In the competitive, sometimes crowded digital space, this is important in setting your brand apart from the rest. Get more information about sales enablement to boost your lead generation opportunities.

Since sales teams are in the field each day, they can offer feedback on new lead opportunities based on success or failure when reaching out to a new market.

3. Answer Questions Online

Sites like Quora allow you to provide answers to questions posed by the general public. Though this site doesn’t specifically target businesses, it does rank high in search engines.

Answers that receive a high number of hits are more likely to appear in search engines. This means that as potential clients search for solutions they are more likely to find your response online.

These sites attract millions of users each month helping you to gain access to sales leads without breaking the bank.

Question and answer sites are a free opportunity to get hundreds, if not thousands, of views on the answer you provide. Be sure to include a signature inclusive if your company information.

4. Contribute to Online Business Forums

Another way to launch conversations online is through a forum. Popular forums exist by subject but there are also sites like Reddit that have millions of active users.

Reddit includes smaller channels called subreddits where users start conversations about specific subjects. Business forums are a great opportunity to generate leads.

The more active you become, the greater the chances of attracting new sales leads to your business. The upside to sites like Reddit is that you don’t have to convince users to be active.

Certain subjects attract thousands of comments each day. Do your research to see how you can align your brand message in the constant activity of user forums.

5. Add Product Videos

Let customers get to know your brand’s personality using video. Video helps you grow trust with your customer base by putting a ‘face with a name.’

Customers are more likely to feel connected with a brand with a story they can relate to than marketing channels that read like brochures. When it comes to product research, customers expect businesses to offer videos.

Research shows that Millenial customers are less likely to buy when they can’t find enough information online about the product. An average of three videos is expected to be on your website explaining who you are and why they should buy from you.

6. Use Lead Magnets

The best part about lead magnets is that they are a low cost to you and your customer. Customers are attracted to free giveaways that are easy to attain.

The best lead magnets ask only for limited customer information in exchange for the freebie. For example, if you’re giving away a free report, asking only for the customer’s email address makes it easier for them to move forward with the signup.

7. Add Online Reviews

Online reviews help boost your online credibility across all digital channels. Testimonials show how your product or service is useful to a specific customer persona.

Customers with the same background or lifestyle can relate to how their problem was solved by using the product.

Ask former customers to post reviews online after they make a purchase. Add links or QR codes to receipts to direct customers to a page on your website where they can leave feedback.

8. Optimize Your SEO

Search engines are at the heart of organic sales leads. These leads are important because they represent customers who are definitely interested in your product or service.

It’s important to boost your company’s search engine ranking to ensure customers see your brand ahead of your competitors. In Google, relevance and the quality of your website are important in getting a top position.

The more visitors, positive reviews, good content and usability your website has the better your chances of getting the top spot.

9. Purchase Mobile Ads

Around 72 percent of people use only their phones for internet access. This provides a major opportunity to generate sales leads through advertisements.

Create a mixed media campaign inclusive of mobile apps to help spread brand awareness.

Improving Your Sales Leads Process

Generating sales leads in a crowded marketplace is much easier when you diversify your outreach. Using your sales team as your first line of defense helps prevent the loss of market share to competitors.

The sales team has real-time insight on customer needs and feedback. Allow online lead generation to serve as support for the target market research your sales team does every day.

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