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How to get your Digital Signature?

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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a digital key that authenticates the identity of individuals, which is issued by certifying authorities Today, one can create a digital signature certificate online by submitting documents online, no physical signature needed. Digital Signature Certificate is helpful in validating personal details.

The Information Technology Act,2000 gives us the complete right to use the digital signature in any electronic form. Digital Signature Certificate contains the certificate holder name, verified address, pin code, date of issue, etc along with the name of the certified authority.

The rules and regulations are different for every country.

There is an issued time period for the DSC, after which you need to renew it again. Also, you have the right to opt for two DSCs- for personal and professional uses separately. Here is the full guide on how and why to get your digital signature certificate and why you should get one.

What are the benefits of a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

Digital Signature Certificate is very useful for validating individual online, especially beneficial for those people who do online business for the following reason-

  • Data Integrity- Having DSC and submitting a document by DSC online provide data integrity as the data can’t be altered after it is digitally signed.
  • Authenticity – Since the Digital Signature Certificate is authorized, so the receiver can trust your document easily.
  • More efficient – The certificate holder requires no more signing of the physical document, scan it and then send it. He or she can digitally sign the document and submit. Thus, this saves time as well as cost of scanning.

Where you can use the DSC?

You can use DSC for many purposes like personal use, filing GST, filing income tax,e-tendering and various other works.

How many types of classes are there in DSC?

There are 3 types of classes made by the authority of India for providing the digital signature certificate. The applicant has to choose the class according to their purpose and usage. The three classes are –

  • Class 1 Certificate- This is the starting class of providing the DSC. This is used to verify the name and email address of the certificate holder. This is issued for individuals’ purpose.
  • Class 2 Certificate- This certificate can be issued for personal business and private individuals. Class 2 DSC is must file an income tax return, Registration of companies and GST filing.
  • Class 3 Certificate – One needs this Class 3 digital signed certificate to participate in e-tendering and e-auction.

How to get a Digital Signature Certificate?

There are many Certifying Authority, which is a 3rd party organization in a country. They have the right to issue a digital signature certificate for the certificate holders. These Certifying Authority have rules and regulations to be followed and governed of the respective country.

  • Firstly, you have to submit the Digital Signature Certificate form in accordance with the proper procedure provided by the Certifying Authority.
  • Submit proper ID proof along with the address proof, these documents are a must for the verification of your certificate.
  • On completing every procedure, you will be allotted with a digital signature certificate for the valid time period.