How to Give a Lower Back Massage?


The lower back is an area that requires extra care. It’s a region of the spine that has a C-cure. Because we often bend from it, there are always some forms of tension in that region. That tension can result in some forms of back pain which can range from acute to chronic back pain. To ease the tension that might accumulate in that delicate area of the spine, it’s good to work out a massage session with any physician or chiropractor around you.
Be informed that there are different kinds of lower back massage. They are :

  1. Therapeutic massage
  2. Deep tissue massage
  3. Swedish massage
  4. Sports massage
  5. Shiatsu massage

To stimulate the body to heal itself, you can try out the Shiatsu massage. This form of massages ensures your body uses pressure over the body in a rhythmic fashion.
Perhaps you’re interested in having a massage for your clients’ lower back, below are the procedures to follow :

  1. Tell the person to remove his/her shirt or wear something that has loose-fitting. This is to ensure that the massage is done directly on your skin.
  2. Furthermore, let the individual who intends to receive a massage lie his/her stomach on a massage mat, mattress, or table.
  3. Then, put a pillow under the person’s breastbone. It will be necessary for you to also place a rolled towel under the forehead of the person. Also, place a rolled towel under the ankles of the individual. It’s also recommended to cover the person’s legs with a towel. Lastly, let the person tuck the towel into the pant line. That helps to protect his/her clothing from massage oil.
  4. Do some rocking on the lower backbone, spine near the person’s waist.
  5. Cup the front of your fingers, and the base of your palm on either side of the spine. That would help you relieve any built-up tension in your low back.
  6. Finally, rub massage oil in your hands.
  7. Then spread the oil on the person’s lower back
  8. Lean your body weight down through the curve in the lower back of the person.
  9. Give a little downward motion through the low back. Ensure it’s done with smooth strokes from your hands.

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