Why Software Development Is The Backbone Of Every Startup?

How to hire a Developer in your Team?


Many people decide to hire a developer but have no idea how to make it right. We’re here to share some essential things from our business practice and prevent you from making stupid mistakes while interviewing the candidates.

Set the exact software development aim

Among all, it’s important to understand why you need to hire a developer. It seems obvious, but not everybody can easily connect the technical task with the grand business goal. That’s why it’s essential to have a vision and be able to communicate it to the hired specialist clearly.

Elaborate your list of technical tasks

For inexperienced business owners, the development area is something blurry, hard-to-understand, and purely technical. But knowing the basics is essential to find a true specialist. Delivering front-end and back-end services or web and mobile development requires different technical tasks. In the given circumstances, you need to get completely different people, even though getting all of them means “to hire a developer” technically.

Consider the option of a dedicated development team

Hiring a dedicated team can be better for your business because this group delivers the full-stack service and guarantees long-term participation in your project. Being the set of top-qualified experts in software development, these people can empower your in-house team and make much more than a web developer or a mobile development specialist alone. Moreover, signing the agreement means guaranteeing that your project will be done in the determined scope and location, which significantly contributes to increasing trust between the client and the service provider.

Where to hire a developer

If you need to hire a web developer or request a dedicated team, we’re at your service! We’re LemApp, a tech company that is a digital partner to several businesses in the USA and Canada. We’ll be glad to assist you too!