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How to Make an Amazing Product Video For Your Shopify Store?

The video opens the path that is a more coherent and more utilized strategy to increase sales in the Shopify store. These days, it has become more desirable to make fantastic product videos for the Shopify store and enhance eCommerce business. For products, the importance of video production is undeniable in this competitive market.

Videos are essential for eCommerce because they increase the communication level and customers aware of product knowledge deeply. Videos have made it easy for customers and consumers to reach the product quickly as per their choice.

This article will let you know how you can create a fantastic video for your Shopify store that attracts customers and ensures high-quality performance.

Part 1: How can Videos Increase Sales for your Shopify Store?

Videos are the most modern way of increasing sales for the Shopify store as the medium can create a useful conversation. It helps customers to develop a better understanding of the product. Website visitors are more likely to purchase the product after watching videos because videos are more sharable than text pages.

Another way that videos increase sales for the Shopify store is video captivates that means the duration of time one spends while watching a video. It comparably takes less time rather than reading the long description. Videos are more engaging than other mediums as well; hence they attract customers and have more convenience power.

Part 2: Things that You Should Keep in Mind While Making Videos

Making videos is not fun; however, there are many shortcomings to cover up so that the video becomes complete. While making a video, the following steps are essential to be considered.

  • Writing down a production schedule may help get a better understanding.
  • Keeping in mind to shoot within the horizontal position
  • Using an external microphone can be, however, helpful.
  • Lighting should be prominent for a clear view.
  • The composition should be authentic and reliable.
  • Planning video content can be a good idea.
  • Identifying the target audience would be more productive.
  • Picking the right and factual background for video making is rather useful.

Here are some other things you should keep in mind before creating a video for the Shopify store.

Set a Clear Goal for the Video

Setting a clear goal for video is an essential part. The plans must be workable and achievable. Goals should also be measurable to make sure about the length of time the destination may take. Moreover, goals should be relevant and must have a clear purpose and benefit. Realistic goals are relatively easy to achieve. The goals should be time-bound with particular deadlines so that one could complete them on time.

Choose a Style

Choosing a particular type is essential. The first and foremost thing is to find the specific icons and make sure to select a common theme. It is necessary to choose a common form of a theme and decide the reasons for choosing particular pieces.

Use a Reliable Platform to Create a Video

Most importantly, it is essential to choose an authentic and reliable platform to create a video. A robust software or service could become the difference between the success and failure of a Shopify store.

Part 3: How to Create Video for Your Shopify Store?

Wondershare VidAir platform is an online video making tool that allows the user to create, download, and share videos that they can use on their Shopify store. The easy to edit online platform for video making is the solution for Shopify store owners who wish to increase their sales post-pandemic era. The user can design the video with free templates to enhance the video’s quality and message.

Features of Wondershare VidAir

The top-quality features of VidAir by Wondershare are as follows:

  • It offers to add text needed to describe the Shopify store. Without the text function, there is a chance that the message could remain incomplete.
  • Music is an essential part of the video. Wondershare’s VidAir tool allows you to change the music or audio to the one that resembles the Shopify store’s themes.
  • You can paste stickers to the video to make it seem light-hearted, which plays a vital role in attracting customers. Moreover, the platform allows adding different effects such as animations to the video.
  • If you do not know where to start or how you want your video to look, VidAir offers a default Layout that you can access for free.
  • The tool offers you customizing the video’s settings, such as its quality, bitrate, and resolution. Moreover, you can preview the clip before downloading or embedding it into your Shopify store.

Here are the steps to use Wondershare VidAir to create videos for the Shopify store. 

Step 1: Select the Video Template 

Firstly, you need to create a template for the video using VidAir. For that, go to the template page and choose a video template as per your particular theme for the Shopify store. Select the resolution for the Shopify video project. Moreover, access the “Use This Template” tab before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Customize Video 

The next step is to customize the video for the Shopify store. This part will offer you to beautify the video. You can add music, text, effects, and images related to the store’s products on the video.

Step 3: Save and Export

Utilize the Preview feature of VidAir and see if the edited video resembles what you had in your mind. If yes, then export the video. Otherwise, repeat Step 2, and customize the video again.


Finally, making product videos for the Shopify store is a potential way to get the best results for increasing revenue. There exist numerous approaches that have broad ways to use. However, the key is to get the assistance of a reliable video making tool/service. Wondershare’s VidAir is capable of fulfilling the gap due to its unique features.