How to set custom Facebook Themes in 1 click?

Facebook Themes extension for browser

The default Facebook themes look boring and monotonous. Everything, like everyone else and no personality … To get away from the gray routine, we suggest you use the unique browser extension “Themes for Facebook”! With it, you can replace the standard design of a social network with any other.

So what is this extension and where can I find it? It was developed for Google Chrome and is located in the official browser web store. To add the extension to your browser, follow the link https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/themes-for-facebook/oodajhdbojacdmkhkiafdhicifcdjoig and click “Add to Chrome” button, then confirm the installation.

Install Themes for Facebook extension

After a few seconds, the Themes for Facebook icon will appear in the upper right corner of the browser, next to other extensions. Click on it and you will see a menu with which you can go to the site to download Facebook themes. Click on the pulsating button “Navigate” and find yourself in the directory of custom themes.

Themes for Facebook extension menu

Here you have the opportunity to see how the new design of your page in FB will look and, if it suits you, add it to the extension for activation. Hover over any topic. The “Add” and “View” buttons will appear. To preview, use the 2nd button. And to add – the first.

Add themes from the catalog

The main page contains all the themes in a row, without systematization. If you are interested in a certain category, take a look at the Collection section.

Facebook Themes collections

Here, all the colors of Facebook are divided into categories, which simplifies the life of those who are looking for something specific. After finding the desired group with design options, go to it. And then just select any of the topics and add it to the extension using the familiar “Add” button!
Now you can return to the extension. But before you apply the new theme, do not forget to open Facebook and go through authorization in it. Then click on the extension icon, hover over the Facebook theme that appears there and click on the “Apply” button. So you activate the custom design of the social network.

To get rid of any boring topics in the extension, open it, hover over the design and click the “Delete” button. If you don’t want to delete the wallpaper, but want to return to the standard design of the social network, use the “ON / OFF” slider. One click and the default theme is active again.
To replace one custom design with another, add another Facebook theme from the catalog on the fb.zone website to the extension. Then open its menu and apply the theme.

Apply Facebook Theme

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in removing or replacing the design of a social network. And it’s even easier to disable the extension if it doesn’t suit you. However, we are almost 100% sure that you will definitely enjoy its functionality.
The catalog contains about 50 categories. Each of them has several corresponding design options that can be used for free.

Someone will be interested in just the black color of Facebook with various inserts. Someone on their page wants to see natural landscapes or characters from films. Others will prefer business-themed themes to maintain their working spirit. In any case, users can always pick up something to their taste. This is facilitated by a variety of topics that will only increase over time.

Suppose you like Marvel comics. Surely, you have reviewed all parts of The Avengers, adore the Hulk and Iron Man. We bet you would not mind seeing your favorite superhero on your FB page. If so, check out the Comics category, where you will find comic book characters you know! You can add them to the extension, and then replace them with the default Facebook theme.

All Facebook custom themes with Facebook static and live wallpapers presented in the website directory are available for download and use at no cost. We dare to hope that the Themes for Facebook extension will prove to be necessary and useful for you and will help you personalize your page the way you yourself want.