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How to Start a Small Business With No Money?

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The business world can be a massive and daunting place, full of uncertainty. Not only are the decisions hard, but easy investments are hard to find.

That’s why so many people ask “How to start a small business with no money.” The answer might be more simple than you thought.

The idea starts with a plan and we’ve created the perfect guide to making your plan a reality. Ready to start your business off right? You’re in the right place!

How to Start a Small Business With No Money

Starting a business in Indonesia all on your own can feel like a big step in life. The problem is money, without it you may feel like you can’t go anywhere, but you do have options.

We have a few steps you can take without needing any money. These steps are positive whether you have investors or not and any business owner with good sense should have one.

Start With a Plan

First and foremost is to understand what your business is doing, why, and how it will accomplish that. You need to know what industry your business falls into, how that industry works, and what niche you can try to carve out of it.

Break this down as detailed as you can. Your plan may not follow your plan on every point, but it is better to have a detail you can reference and work from than none at all.

How Do You Profit

Now that you have a baseline plan, expand it out into the all-important question. How can I make profit on this? Profit means you can support yourself and keep the company moving forward.

To do this, layout whatever good or service you plan to provide. Make a detailed graph on what you need to do to that product from conception and into the customer’s hands.

Think also about what people want and who your customers are, which will help break down the details on what you are providing.

Investments and Starting Capital

With a plan for profit in hand, you now have a better case to present toward investors. If you can get partners on board and they agree with your plan to make a profitable business, you can get that money you need.

As well, with a solid plan down to the exacting detail, you know how much money you need to make that business a reality. It’s no longer a vague and big number, it is a goal you can lay on the table and plan out ways to make it happen.

Even if you build up your initial investment at a slow pace, it is better than not having it at all.

Trying to race to the top will only make a mistake hit that much harder. Slow and steady wins this race.

Outside Services

As a final note, keep in mind what you can do yourself and what needs delegation. If you do everything on your own, there is a good chance you can burn out or invest too hard in the wrong areas.

Items like Managed IT solutions and payroll services can be huge things that need a professional hand. You might not be able to afford a full team for either starting out.

Many Managed IT solutions companies have plans for small businesses. As well, payroll services like those found at can be crucial in doing things the right way the first time.

Better Business For Your Better Future

With a little better knowledge of how to start a small business with no money, you can have a little more confidence in the decisions you make from here. Remember to have a plan and take it slow.

As you dive into the business world, you need to know what is going on within it. From business to entertainment, we here at Whiteout Press cover every industry you can need. Check out some of our other articles today!