How to Use Vape Batteries Safely?

If you are thinking that electronics in vaping devices function similar to the ones in a flashlight or your smartphone, you are just partly correct. Of course, the fundamental principles are similar. But, if you notice the batteries in vaping devices are little different from the ones we see in TV remotes. Have you seen the news report where the backpack of someone was set on fire due to a vaping mod? Yes, there are chances that the vapes explode and can potentially cause serious injuries to people. However, it is rare for that kind of explosions to occur. Though the concrete causes of such accidents are not yet found, some evidence suggests that these vape explosions are caused by the batteries. In this article, we’ll give you some safety tips to avoids the explosions. These tips may also help you to keep your vape batteries safe and increase their lifespan.

Avoid Overcharging

While buying a vape from any vape shop, they will tell you the default charging time and make sure you follow it. If you leave your vape batteries to charge overnight, then you are just overcharging them and it is not at all safe. Keep your vape for charge and make sure that you remove once they are fully charged. Some devices have a feature which stops the batteries from charging automatically once they are full. But, you need to be cautious as there are chances that it may fail to stop the charging.

Use Battery Cases

It is important to carry the vape batteries correctly. Always avoid carrying the loose batteries or get them in contact with any other conductors. The contact may cause a short or potential explosion. It is recommended to use the insulated safe battery cases to carry your vape batteries around.

Use Right Batteries

Don’t mess with the batteries. It is better to use the batteries which are recommended for your vaping mod. Do not swap the battery brands or use the new and old batteries in combination.

Charge it on Flat Surface

Make sure that you charge your vape on a flat and clean surface. Put it away from the things which tend to catch fire. The batteries are prone to fire and they overheat which may cause accidents.

It is vital that the vape batteries are stored in the dry and cool environment. Never let your batteries immerse in the water or any liquids.

Use only Branded Batteries

We see lots of cheap batteries with extraordinary specifications in a local store on our street. But it is extremely dangerous to use that kind of cheap batteries. You must also be careful while you are purchasing the batteries online, as some of them sell re-wrapped or fake batteries. Ensure that you use standard and high-quality batteries from trusted and reputed brands.

Wrapping Up

The performance of the batteries declines when you do not store them correctly. The cells in the battery may rust or leak which will ultimately cause loss of performance. In the worst case, the unstable cells in the battery may cause an explosion. It can be due to pressure or packing them inappropriately or temperature. We hope our tips help you to store your batteries safely which may also increase their lifespan.