How to Write a Resume for the First Time?


If you are planning to write your resume for the first time and are quite confused about how to go about it, then don’t worry, you are not the only one. There are many students and undergraduates who are struggling to make their resume worth reading even when they do not have any prior experience to add on in their resume. There are multiple means of emphasizing your skills.

We have come up with multiple tips and suggestions that could help you a lot while writing your resume for the first time. It could help in developing interest and enhance your chances of getting selected in the screening rounds of interviews where you have applied. Top 6 tips which can help those individuals who don’t know how to write a resume for the first time are mentioned below:

1. Begin writing your resume with the basic information

Your resume must incorporate the basic information including your name, residential address, mobile number, and email address. Make sure that address that you mention is your permanent address, especially those students who are staying outside their homes for studies purpose. The email address should also be related to your own name. Do not mention any such email id that looks funny or unprofessional, for instance, funnybones5@gmail.com won’t work. If you do not have any such account, then create one professional email account particularly meant for job purposes.

2. Mention the objective of your resume along with skills summary

Once you have mentioned personal information, you should be concise while writing a resume. And in case of skills summary, you should highlight the best experiences and academic qualifications relevant to the employer’s demand. It is a kind of service that you are offering to the employer.

3. Highlight your educational qualifications

One of the biggest assets of any student is education. Make sure that you keep the educational qualifications section on the top of your resume. Supplement the schooling and degree along with your achievements, for instance, highest score. If you have qualified any program from any foreign university, then you should mention this also. The employers of any organization or company will surely get impressed by any recent academic achievements mentioned in the resume.

4. Mention all the relevant experiences

Being a student, it is possible that you do have very limited experiences in work field but one can add various experiences if you think purposefully. Mention the clubs in which you have participated in your schools and colleges. Add the experience of an internship in which you have worked and positions of being a volunteer in various events. Therefore, you can add all these experiences in the separate section “Related Experience”.

5. Choose the right kind of resume format

There are majorly three important types of resume which are mentioned below:

  • An easy way to format your resume is to use a resume maker and just follow along as it guides you through the process.
  • A chronological resume focuses more on the working experience of the student and that too in the chronological order, from most recent to least recent experience.
  • A functional resume focuses more on the skills possessed by an individual.
  • A combination resume is an apt choice for those individuals who are applying for the job for the first time. It is because being a newcomer, you may have lesser work experience but you can put more attention towards emphasizing your skills.

Expert resume writers have suggested that those students who are writing their resume for the first time should make divisions of their resume into multiple categories such as working experience, academic qualifications, and extracurricular activities.

6. Do not lie ever while writing

Those individuals who lie while writing their resume are immediately caught. Do not try to make the skills and work experience look very fantasizing or do not exaggerate anything just for the sake of improving content, because the resume is just a first step for getting selected. Later on, the employers or the interviewers would catch your lies.


Therefore, these are the top 6 tips that you can follow while writing the resume. Also, make sure that you are clear with the goal of writing your resume so that you can be interpreted as a strong job applicant. For accomplishing this, you should make sure that you are through with the requirements and preferences of the employers.