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Light and Easy way to edit PDFs with Icecream PDF Editor

PDF documents are around for more than 15 years and they are becoming more and more useful as they can be opened across multiple devices and has cross-platform support. These days every device comes with a basic PDF reader which allows users to simply view them or provide basic editing functionality. For performing complex tasks in a PDF you need to buy a premium PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat reader or something else. These software suites are large in size and consume a lot of processing power, instead, there is a better solution. Meet Icecream PDF Editor by Icecream Apps. This is a newly launched software which provides the functionality to do basically anything with a PDF file.

pdf editor

Features of Icecream PDF Editor

Let’s have a look at the main features of this free PDF Editor by Icecream Apps.

  • Edit Text: Just like any other PDF editor, it surely gives the basic functions of editing and formatting the text.
  • Manage Multiple Pages: This feature allows you to change the order of the pages, visually combine in the order which suits you. You can also split a PDF document into two or merge two documents together.
  • Add and Edit Objects: You can insert a different kind of shapes, arrows, marks, etc. It also gives the option to move, resize, rotate and adjust the objects accordingly.
  • Security: Secure your PDF documents by encrypting them by setting a password or impose editing/copying rights directly into the document.
  • Watermarks and Annotations: Add notes, highlight areas, strikethrough or highlight text, add comments and more. You can add your watermark to the document by inserting a transparent image.
  • Light and Free: The best thing about this software is it is only 17.9 MB in size and does not fire up all your CPU cores to edit a simple text. It is free to download and supports all the latest versions of Windows.

Getting Started with Icecream PDF Editor

Having looked at the great features, you should definitely give it a try. You can download Icecream PDF Editor by clicking on the button below.

After downloading, simply install it like any other Windows software.

Now you can click on File menu and then Open your PDF document to start editing. You also create a blank document and start with that.

The GUI of this software is easy to get through, so just begin editing by clicking on the Edit button. After completion, you can save the document from the File menu.

Final Verdict

PDFs are very common files, now and then you might need to edit a bit or two in there. Icecream PDF editor provides an easy solution for free. It has all the functionality you need to do anything with a PDF document. Unfortunately, it does not support Word or Excel document types but for such a small package you are already getting so much. So, if you find yourself needing to deal with a lot of PDF documents, you should definitely give this software a try.