Importance of BBM and Its Uses

BBM course is also known as Bachelor of Business Management. It is a three year program for applicants interested in pursuing their graduation. The course helps students understand the functioning of a business and teaches them about being an entrepreneur in the corporate world. The only eligibility applicants have to fulfill in order to be eligible for BBA course is having 12th standard qualification from a recognised school. The applicants are usually selected on the basis of 12th grade marks.

The BBM course will provide 3 year program specialisations for applicants, who are interested in gaining managerial and entrepreneurial skills. BBM course is divided into 6 semesters and each semester has two internal exams. The internal marks add up with the final marks that are scored by the applicant and the total score scored through the semester is projected as the semester score. The fees for this course ranges anywhere from INR 50,000 to INR 3,00,000. The average salary of applicants ranges between 4 to 7 lacs. The examinations in this course are conducted on a semester basis.

BBM course often gets confused with BBA course. BBM course is more centred towards logical and analytical topics compared to BBA course. BBM students often finish an MBA program after being done with the BBM as this aids them in their knowledge about working of businesses. BBM program needs the student to choose a specialisation in the third year of the course. Students can pursue an MBA degree in the same specialised field as opted for in BBM. This helps them in gaining in-depth knowledge in the specialised field.

BBM is a communicative course and helps the students in improving their communication skills and plays a part in the overall development. The extracurricular activities helps students better express themselves and play a major role in honing the entrepreneurial skills of a student.

BBM course helps the corporate world in the following ways –

  • Skilled Employees – The BBM course produces skilled employees that are very essential for the corporate world. They bridge the gap based on the needs of the industry.
  • In Demand Subjects – BBM course teaches a lot of subjects that are essential for a business to work. These subjects are not usually covered by any other course. These subjects help students in understanding a lot about entrepreneurship, financial risk analysis, trading and commerce as well.
  • Encouraging Businesses – When a student learns a lot about business related subjects and has a lot of knowledge in that field then they feels confident enough to start their own business. More businesses leads to more employment in the society.
  • Managers – When a student finished their BBM and pursues MBA program, they have the ability to be managers in an organisation and lead a whole department such as marketing or finance. They can also become consultants in their respective fields of expertise and get a job or start a business in the area.

Thus, BBM Course has its own importance in the managerial aspects and are helpful for students to build up their future.

Author: Sai Raja M

Sai Raja M is a college student who aspires to be an entrepreneur. His primary goal is to help other students choose a more meaningful and relevant career in their life.