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Investments to Make Before You Retire

Investments to Make Before You Retire

Retirement must come whether you like it or not. It might be at the age of 60 or earlier. Having worked for a company for a very long time is an achievement. Surely you have gained knowledge and enough experience, and those are sort of a gold.

However, if you want tangible proof of your hard work. Might as well invest in something. That way, you will always be reminded that you have worked enough. If you do not know what to spend your hard earned money for, then we have listed below some of the best investment ideas for you.

Possible Safe Investments to Make

1. A house

As easy as one, two, three, this one is on everyone’s list not because it is the cheaper but is actually the most logical investment to make. If a car, as time passes by will have a depreciating value, a house might have the opposite. Also, a house can be passed on to your children and even grandchildren. You surely want to have a long-lasting bequest for your loved ones, don’t you?

2. A Business

This kind of investment is the best choice for those retirees who had worked as employees for a long time.

While this is another responsibility to be handled, this does not mean that you will have to spend 8 hours a day for it. You may get employees and be the boss this time.

Business Ideas for Retirees

Apartment or house for rental purposes

Unlike the one you will use to house you and your family, this one is for business. Imagine, you had been working as an employee all your life. Now you want to have something that earns for you even without an employee to work for you. Then, building a compound with rooms for rent is such a smart move.

Food Business

Sure you have worked in the office for a long time, and you are already fed up with the paperwork. Now, you can invest in a food business, like a simple burger stand or a small restaurant. To help you out, you may ask your young children or a member of your family to help you manage it for you, or you can manage it yourself and get employees to get the work done.


In connection with food business, catering does not necessarily need a

physical store. You just have to invest in kitchen wares and buy necessary

ingredients for the kinds of food you are asked to make and cook. Also, you have

to buy chairs and tables, lights and sounds that will be used for parties and


A Van or RV

Family camping or a simple family bonding somewhere far from the house might require a big enough van or RV to carry them to their destinations. Thus, if you have one unit or more, you can just post it online or partner with travel agencies and earn yourself some cash by having them rented by families wanting to have a getaway this weekend. You can be the driver or get a reliable one to drive your van/RV for your clients.

While this kind of investment needs maintenance, this is somehow good because not only it can be used for business but also for your own family use.

3. A Yacht

A yacht somehow is an expensive investment, just like a house. However, if you have more money with you because of working overtime all your life and you know you are at the dawn of your life and need something that is stress-relieving, then this one is suggested. Imagine being on the water with your yacht while fishing, wow! That’s heaven on earth. Also, there are yachts, like the Hatteras GT45 Express, that have amenities similar to a small house, making them perfect for a retiree that wants to spend most of his time somewhere far from stressful things.

4. Jewelry

Again, compared to a car, buying pieces of jewelry is a smarter move.Gold and other jewelry appreciate in value as they age. Thus, while in the process of retiring, buy some gold necklaces, watches, bracelets and rings. Once you need money badly in the future, you can sell them in a pawnshop and get money fast. However, if you do not have a plan to sell them, pass them on to your loved ones, have them use or sell them if they want.

Final words

These are just some of the investments to make after or before retirement. The ones listed above are for earning and for self-fulfillment purposes, and they involve only a little risk. Thus, I hope that this article will help you decide where you will spend your hard-earned money on for your long awaited retirement. For now, enjoy the working days left, if there are, and part from your colleagues and bosses with a great reputation as that is the best intangible investment you can make.