Is Your Restaurant Lacking the Tech it Needs?

Today represents the perfect opportunity to start a restaurant. However, competition is fierce. The reality of the fact is that modern innovation is causing diners to flee to new restaurants that offer better food topped off with greater convenience and a better environment. As such, in order for a new restaurant owner to stand out amongst the ground, they need to offer impeccable service, convenience, and efficiency, all of which can be accomplished by combining restaurant hardware with modern technology.

1) Self Order Kiosks

One of the challenges restaurants face is maintaining a long list of orders and the order of which those orders were placed. Since initially appearing in restaurants such as McDonald’s and Panera Bread, self-order kiosks have been surging in popularity. Restaurants that incorporate self-order kiosks will be better equipped to handle the numerous amount of orders they receive as well as to encourage up-selling as customers will get a visual demonstration of the different kinds of food that’s been offering.

2) Kitchen Display Screen

While a self-order kiosk can eliminate the need for customers to wait on a waitress to take their order for an appetizer on a hectic night on the front end, kitchen display screens can help kitchen team members to stay organized on the back end of the restaurant.

3) Thermal Printer

When it comes to printing receipts, it goes without saying that the expenses associated with getting new ink will be higher than the paper it’s being used on. Thermal printers eliminate the need for ink cartridges and is less noisy as well. Thermal printers work by using thermal heat to burn words onto paper. As such, by using thermal printer’s business owner won’t have to waste money or time associated with swapping out expensive ink cartridges. Want an idea of what a thermal printer looks like? Click Here

4) Inventory Automation

Ordering, receiving, counting and invoicing may appear like mundane time-consuming tasks. But those small tasks can have big implications. When the traffic a restaurant receives is high, managers may not be able to manage these small tasks efficiently and that in itself will lead to waste. An automated inventory system can handle these time-consuming tasks so that managers can focus on other areas of the business such as customer service or staff management.

5) Online Payment Options

While it may not seem like it at first glance, the reality of the fact is that even when consumers dine at a restaurant, they still like the possibility of being able to make use of some form of online payment, whether it may be: ApplePay, CashApp or PayPal for instance. If you give your consumers this option, it will attract people who wouldn’t have otherwise gone to your restaurant if you didn’t offer this option. People who aren’t used to the idea of using online payment options to order a full course meal will undoubtedly be attracted to one of a handful of restaurants in their area that offer this option.

6) Wifi

Some restaurant owners do not incorporate an effective WiFi setup because they want to encourage real-time interaction amongst their customers. But this business is not about what the owner desires, it’s about what the consumer desires and statistics indicate that consumers view WiFi as a necessity at a restaurant. In fact, having WiFi can benefit your business in several ways other than the fact that it provides a pleasurable amenity to your consumers such as the fact that they will be more inclined to take a photo of their meal as to which they will share on social media.