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Read this Article to know the Future of Bitcoin in 2020

Bitcoin is one of the biggest magical digital currencies of this generation. After it came into origin in 2009, it has seen many ups and downs, but Bitcoin held it’s ground firm and here you see now. The rest they say is history. Though I will not generalize these many people who invested in Bitcoin became a millionaire overnight. It will not be wrong to say that Bitcoin has made come many people’s dream come true. Though many people lost some amount in Bitcoin trading, if you do Bitcoin predication properly, you reduce your chances of losing in Bitcoin.

I do not say that it is always possible to forecast everything correctly, but if you watch the marketing trends properly, you will be able to have a better understanding of the Bitcoin status in market and you will be able to guess correctly to a certain extent.

So, let me tell you a very interesting this here. At the beginning of this year many industry experts have come forward and have given a piece of their mind regarding what they think about the future of Bitcoin and how will this year go for Bitcoin.

Booby Lee’s Prediction:

Ok, do you know who this guy is is? If you don’t, let me tell you. He is the CEO of the very first exchange firm in china, named BTCC. Seems like Booby Lee has nothing great to tell about Bitcoin. Earlier he had made a statement that it will take 20 years for Bitcoin to reach the value of 1 Million dollars. Sadly, his prediction was very wrong.

This time Lee has to say that 2020 looks a kind of stagnation period for Bitcoin. However, in the second half, the value of Bitcoin will reach 333 thousand dollars. Interesting, isn’t it?

Tom Lee’s Prediction:

No, no he is not in any way related to first person is this list. Tom Lee is the ex-Chief Equity Strategist JP Morgan and he has a great piece of advice for Bitcoin traders. However, he does not talk about the number of Bitcoin, but he tells here the reason why the value of Bitcoin is continuously increasing! The reason is pretty simple! The value of 1 BTC is directly connected with the popularity of cryptocurrency.

In such a case, there is no going down for Bitcoin. According to Tom Lee the numbers of Bitcoin miners are going to increase in future and so is the value of Bitcoin, earning huge Crypto Profit.

Fran Strajnar Prediction:

Well, Fran seems like a very optimistic guy and he has sometime very positive to say about Bitcoin. According to him in last week of January and starting of February, the value of Bitcoin is going to hike to 200 Thousand million dollars. Not only that, he says that the value of Bitcoin is directly related to the rate of adoption of Bitcoin, in which we do not see any decrease in future. No doubt investing in Bitcoin, will earn you huge crypto-profit in future.

Anthony Pompliano Prediction:

Anthony is one of the partners at the crypto investing firm Morgan Creek Digital. It will not be wrong to say that he is a crypto-trading guru with immense knowledge. If you notice his social media pages carefully, you will notice that he is continuously talking about cryptocurrency.

Amazingly enough, his prediction has been proved correct. He had said that the value of Bitcoin will drop down by 3000 dollars, exactly same thing happened. However afterwards he also said that the value of Bitcoin will rise to $10000 and exactly same thing happened.

This year, Anthony predicts that the value of Bitcoin will grow up to 100 000 dollars!

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