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Las Vegas Casinos: The Mysterious Blacklist Of The Gambling Industry

When you think of gambling you probably have Las Vegas in the back of your mind. It is one of the biggest and most famous gambling sites on the planet, so this is hardly surprising. What is surprising to discover though, is that before it became a city of excess it was in fact inhabited by Southern Nevada Native Americans. This is hard to believe when you visit Vegas and see the towering hotels and glitzy casinos – learn more. The mystery here is how did this isolated strip of land, far away from the rest of civilization; turn into a world-famous city that attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe every year?

A Brief History

Las Vegas was once marshland but once the vegetation and water vanished, the land became a dry dust bowl that was not fit for human inhabitation. The development of the railroad brought life back to Las Vegas as developers used the area as a major stop between San Pedro, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. This helped develop the site and Las Vegas became a bustling town. Despite there being a gambling ban in Nevada in 1910, gambling still took place in secret casinos and this attracted the criminal element from other parts of America. By 1931, gambling became legal and this led to the development of new casinos and other entertainment venues. In the 1940s Las Vegas continued to grow, but so did the influence of mobsters. This continued through to the early 1980s, but now Las Vegas has cleaned up its act and the mafia influence has long been extinguished. However, it’s not just the mafia that have been blacklisted from this city, others have too, but why?

If Your Name Is On The List You Are Not Coming In

The blacklist in Las Vegas is sometimes referred to as the Black Book Of Vegas. It is a list of people who are not welcome in casinos in the city. Gambling control boards or the Griffin Book holds these individual’s details. If the Griffin Book controls the list then this information is shared across a network of casinos and so the individual in the book will be banned from a series of casinos.

Who Is On The List?

It is not always clear why certain individuals make the list, but the obvious ones are individuals who are problem gamblers or suffer from gambling addiction. If an addict is allowed back to gamble, then this poses a huge financial risk to both the person and the casino. The individual stands to lose all their cash and they can sue the casino for letting them back in. Those with links to organized crime and money laundering are on top of this hit list and another sure-fire way of entering it at the top is if you are caught cheating. This list was launched in 1960 and there are no plans to close it any day soon.