Latest technologies and features of the log splitter

Do you have a chimney or heating system in your home that works by burning wood? In that case, buying a log splitter can be a great idea, since this tool will facilitate the process of working and managing the firewood, turning large trunks into smaller pieces of wood. However, buying log splitters can be a complex task, given the wide variety of types, brands and models that can be found in stores today. Let’s go with it! For those winter lovers who take refuge in the heat of a fireplace, we put at your service the range of tools part trunks to facilitate the comity of the user and thus be able to do without the uncomfortable axe or saw. Discover these tools that are right for you and enjoy winter at home next to a good fire!

What are Log Trimmers?

Let’s start at the beginning: what is a log splitter? It is a machine designed to allow easier handling of wood since its main function is to cut large logs in smaller wooden blocks. A cutter/log splitter is a very efficient machine that makes. Combine a chainsaw and a hydraulic log separator. It is very efficient to make firewood for fire. Comes with an electric saw and a separator hydraulic log! The hydraulically powered saw cuts the trunk, which falls automatically on the table to separate where the hydraulic cylinder pushes the trunk against the cutting sheet. The position of the blade is adjustable, depending on the diameter of the trunk. The new model is equipped with an individual system with oil to lubricate

The chain of the hydraulic drive saw cuts the trunk, after cutting the trunk automatically falls on the table of the division in which a hydraulic cylinder pushes the trunk against the separation blade. The position of the sectioning blade can be adjusted, according to the diameter of the roll. It is mounted on the quick fixing plate of the machine. These cutters are designed to operate seven times faster than common log cutters and this is due to the fact that robust and proven technology is used for the cutting of wood. To know more about log splitter and its uses visit

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Automated functions do a safe and efficient job

  • It has a new revolutionary cutting tool with chainsaw cutting capability in an easy-to-use format. This tool allows easy, safe and fast pruning. It is ideal for use in gardens.
  • It is a great alternative to chainsaws, manual pruners, saws and cutting machines. The Black and Decker Alligator is an efficient mower that can cut small branches and shrubs with ease.

Main features:

  •  Works like a manual lopper, but with the power of a chainsaw
  •  Easy to use throughout the garden
  •  Easy Oil
  •  Powerful engine
  •  The double switch handles.
  •  Great cutting capacity
  •  Patented jaws protect user to move the cutting chain
  •  This innovative cutting tool facilitates the work of small branches up to 4 “(100 mm).