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League of Legends Gaming and Betting Guide

As we all know, League of Legends is still one of the most popular games in the world – despite Fortnite’s success, this MOBA game is still in the top 3 of the most watched games on Twitch.tv.

Therefore, we can safely assume that it is still worth betting on it – after all, given the game’s history, as well as its eSports history, we can say that it might just be the competitive game that will never die.

But, before you place a bet on League of Legends, it is important that you know exactly how the game works and what you can bet on in a match or a tournament.

league of legends

League of Legends Basics

Like any other MOBA, League of Legends takes two teams of five players and throws them in the Summoner’s Rift – the arena where they’ll be fighting for the next 30 minutes or so, depending on the players’ skill level.

The map comes with three lanes, specific for certain types of characters and roles – the Bottom lane, where the ADC and the Support reign; the Mid Lane, where a mage or an assassin has its home; the Top Lane, where we can usually see a Tank or a Bruiser; and the Jungle, fit for almost any champion in the game, depending on its skill set and viability.

Of course, the players are not the only entities in a match of League – here, they face enemy turrets, jungle mobs, the Dragons, and the almighty Baron. Each of the mentioned aspects of the map usually makes up for a betting chance – let’s see exactly how.

League of Legends Betting

When it comes to League of Legends betting, each bettor has a variety of bet types he/ she can choose from – these can be selected depending on the available odds or on the bettor’s knowledge of the game and of the teams that are currently competing.

Here are the types of bets you can place in a League of Legends match or tournament:

  • Match Winner – also known as a Head to Head bet, the better is basically betting on one of the two teams, trying to determine which of them will win. This is a simple bet, so to say, and only the final result is taken into consideration.
  • First Baron or Dragon – as we said, the map plays its role as well. Therefore, each bettor has the chance to predict which team will kill the first Baron or Dragon and bet on that certain team. This is a high-risk, high-reward bet, as everything can happen in the Baron/ Dragon pit and one well-placed skill-shot can change everything.
  • First Turret Tower/ Inhibitor – in order to reach the Nexus, the heart of each team, the enemy team has to destroy Turret Towers and Inhibitors – the latter allowing their Nexus to spawn more powerful minions. Just as in the case of first Baron/ Dragon betting, the bettor tries to predict which of the two teams will take down a tower or an inhibitor first.
  • Handicap – basically, when it comes to this type of bet, a bettor tries to predict if the team with the handicap advantage/ disadvantage will win one map in the series or win without dropping a single map.
  • Outright Winner – yet another high-risk, high-reward type of bet, the Outright Winner means that the better places a bet on the team he/ she thinks will win the entire tournament, not one of its matches. In short, you go all-in with a single team.

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