Lighting Technologies- Popular Trends in Lighting Technology


Gone are the days when everyone had similar lighting. Today there are different types of lighting. You can get home interior lighting, outdoor lighting, office lighting, retail lighting, emergency lighting among other types of lighting. As advancements in lighting technology continue, more and more types of lighting will become available.

If you want to transform your space, whether indoors or outdoors, you must learn the trends and adapt to these new lighting trends.

Here are some of the lighting trends you should know about for better interaction with lighting and comfort in your home.

LED Lighting Technology

LED lights have been in existence for a while now. They are used everywhere lighting is required. LED lighting technology is loved for its energy saving capabilities and high quality of light.

Over time, there has been improvements in LED lighting. LED lights are now easier on the human eye. With many people spending their days under artificial lights, a light with less glare and flicker is required.

LED iBond has a patented LED platform that has helped to integrate LED lights into different aspects of daily life. The platform is thin enough to be placed in shelves, trucks, ceilings and to integrate other technologies.

Internet of Things in Lighting

The evolution of lighting technologies has ensured that lights integrate with the internet. Through the Internet of Things technology, lighting in all forms can now connect to the internet.

This makes it possible to integrate your lighting, at home or in the office remotely. Through an app on your phone, you can turn your lights on or off and monitor their energy consumption easily. You can also connect your lighting appliances to other gadgets in your house with IoT.


This means that light can be used as a wireless transmitter of radio and internet waves. LiFi technologies transform your lighting into Wi-Fi to transmitting data fast and effectively. Using light, data can be transmitted and transformed. Making light a communication medium.

Wireless Lighting Technology

As with everything else, lighting is also going wireless. Wireless lighting is become more prominent at home and in offices. Wireless lighting is easily accessed and controlled. You can use a mobile app or a connected hub to control the lights.

Human Focus In Lighting

Another growing trend in lighting is the installation of lighting that focuses on its impact on humans. Most of our time indoors is spent with the lights on. Whether we are at home or in the office. Thus, we need lighting that will have a positive effect on our health and emotions.

Many studies on lighting have shown that we are affected differently by different light intensities. Therefore, modern lighting manufacturers make lighting that focuses on enhancing our comfort, health and mood. Lighting that will also help to enhance performance at home and in the workplace.

Modern lighting trends tend towards reducing fatigue and errors, improving health, sleep patterns and emotions.

Lighting In Agriculture

More and more lighting appliance manufacturers are making lighting for agriculture. LED lighting is made suitable for farming. With the right lighting, you can control your greenhouse conditions enabling to farm and harvest all year round. The right lighting leads to better quality crops and larger harvests.

Other areas of agriculture that are adopting modern lighting trends include aquaculture. Using adjustable LED lights, you can create the perfect conditions for the growth of fish. Thus, fish farmers can improve production and their profit levels.


There are increased innovations in lighting technology. Innovations in LED use are helping transform our homes, offices and farms. Further, lighting technology is moving from wired to wireless. Controlled and accessed via mobile app as technology advances.

Many offices and homes are relying on lighting to ensure that their people are healthy, comfortable and productive. As lighting technologies develop, there will be newer innovations that will impact different aspects of life differently.