Making Your Body Your Business: Get Your Start in the Business of Fitness

Health, fitness, and weight loss have been profitable industries for many years. Just look at how many celebrities are coming out with their own line of workout apparel and some are even coming out with their own line of vitamins and supplements. Not only that but you can also see how lucrative this industry is just by how many gyms and health clubs are popping up… there’s obviously a real demand for it in the market because more and more people are getting serious about their health.

The more these gyms and health clubs pop up, the more you’ll be able to see just how technology plays a significant role in fitness. Things like Soul Cycle and the interactive at home interactive spin class brought by Peloton has drastically changed the world of fitness. According to, an industry market research report was done on gym and health and fitness clubs and results showed that this industry has increased by 3.5% over the past five years.

This increase is due to a rise in consumers’ disposable income and with that rise in income, people are putting those additional funds into purchasing gym memberships. So as you can see, there is a high demand in the health and fitness industry and there is still room for you to join the party by starting your own fitness business.

Top Fitness Industries to Consider

Vitamins and Supplements

People are not only relying on exercise to achieve overall health and fitness. Today, more and more health conscious people are turning to vitamins and supplements to get the nutrition they need that they may not get in the food they consume. If you’re considering starting your own business, you can be an independent reseller of some of these vitamins and supplements.

One thing about this is that you want to be honest with your customers. You can’t truly sell something if you haven’t used it yourself, so if you’re considering taking this route, try out some of the supplements yourself to see what kind of results you get. In doing that, you’ll be able to sell a product you actually believe in and people can tell a difference in being sold something just for a profit and when they’re being sold something that the seller actually believes in and knows it will help them.

Athletic Apparel or “Athleisure” Apparel

How many times have you been out and seen people wearing “gym clothes” out to the grocery store, in the mall, and in restaurants? You see it all the time these days because athletic apparel is no longer just for working out. People are now wearing it to run daily errands which have now transformed the term “athletic apparel” into “athleisure” apparel.

The appealing aspect of athleisure is that it mixes fashion with functionality, especially for women. It’s not just some fashion trend either… it’s really a lifestyle change. Those who are consciously making efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle not only want to make that change physically but they also want to look the part and take advantage of every opportunity to do so whether they’re walking the mall or grocery store.

In 2013, sales of women’s activewear in the US reached a whopping $11.5 billion and has been on a fast incline since. Because of this rise in sales, can you guess what else increased? Yoga class attendance, gym memberships, and Yoga mats and other at-home workout equipment. So, as you can see, there is a high demand in the athletic apparel industry… why not join the industry and make profits as well?

Start Your Fitness Business Today

As mentioned earlier, more and more people are becoming more health conscious. Not only are people eating healthier but people are also making their body their business by working healthy jobs to keep them healthy physically and mentally but another great way to make your body your business is to start your own fitness business.

Determine Your Niche or Specialty

When starting your own business in the health and fitness market, you’ll quickly see that it is a big market full of competition. You can easily have an online store and sell a wide range of products but in order to stand out from the competition, you’ll need to specialize in a particular area.

Your niche can be whatever you want it to be actually. Whether it’s workout apparel designed specifically for women or being a supplier of wellness supplements that aid in weight loss, you need to pick that specialty and don’t stray away from it. Specializing will allow you to be an expert in that particular area, unlike other businesses who specialize in everything.

Create Your Business Name

The next step is choosing your business name. This is probably THE most important part of starting your own business because first impressions are everything. Your business name is what you need to make perfect the first time because it’s the name that’s branding your business so you want to choose a name that people will remember. is a great site to use to help you find a fitting domain name that properly represents your business. What you’ll do is use the domain name search tool to see if the domain name you chose has already been used or not and if it hasn’t, it will give you options of your domain in .com, .org, or .net (etc.) The key thing to remember with this section is to make sure your domain name is relevant to the business you’ll have. People should be able to look at your website name and know what your website will be about and the content on your website should also be reflective of that as well.

Build Your Website

Last but certainly not least, this is when you get to the meat and potatoes of your website… putting everything together. You want to make sure you use the right colors and sizes for your fonts, add high-quality photos of your products with descriptive details about each one, and the two most important aspects are making your website easy to use and navigate through and having a payment processing system in place so that your customers can purchase your products and you can get paid!