The Most Mentally Challenging Mobile Games for Android

Our smartphones go with us almost everywhere we go. So naturally, mobile gaming has become one of the most common forms our modern entertainment. There are quite a few available for Android, in particular, in the Google Play store; a place where you can find numerous top titles of high-quality games in different genres and an ever-expanding selection, for those looking for both excitement and challenge. So, which kinds of games offer the most stimulation for your receptive mind?

Many will argue that most of the video and computer games have something to add to our abilities, whether it’s improving the reflexes such as eye-hand coordination, manual agility, etc. They are not wrong. But some of these games are more gratifying than others. Mentally challenging games are not only a lot of fun but can also stimulate your mind and exercise the brain, keeping it alert and focused. This can have many positive implications for your psychological health in the long run.

For starters, we have strategy games, which are both pleasant and offer rewarding play. These games have surely come a long way, from games known for centuries such as go or chess, to the most complicated computer simulations that consist of conducting great battles or managing empires and enterprises. Playing these games can help develop deep tactical skills and teach you to better handle complex dilemmas. Then we have the card and board games, which are good for similar reasons as they have adapted very well to the age of the internet. Not surprisingly, they are still popular among all generations of players due to the level of creativity and imagination required.

Alongside the card games comes the casino entertainment, which can really affect not only your math skills and logical thinking but also the way you perceive people’s emotions and behaviour. This is especially true when you are up against real users not artificial intelligence (AI) as those are the kind of games that you can still enjoy “the old way”; at home with a group of friends. However, the internet definitely takes it to the whole new level, regarding speed, intensity, number of participants involved. Nowadays, many of the casino games are available through free downloadable apps, so you don’t have to spend much money (if any at all) to get the experience. Even if you do, it is better to practice first, as achieving a master level can take some time.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the puzzle and word games. While often simple in design, which may seem like an undemanding play at first, they are, in fact, a quick way to focus your mind. And though nowadays, they come in many forms transcending beyond well-known crosswords and scrabble, they still greatly expand your vocabulary and knowledge, which can help enhance other skills such as writing. They are also perfect for travelling and even accessible via social media, so you can compete against your friends and other users. This is also true of all kinds of trivia games across various fields and domains including history, movies, pop culture, and general knowledge, which can help improve your memory.

Thanks to the ease of access, now more than ever, we can quickly fire up fun games on our Android smartphones to increase our skills and pass the time. However, it’s important that we choose games that are the most mentally challenging, as they can be twofold: provide entertainment and exercise the brain. In the end, it will help you keep your mind sharper for longer.