Why it is not advisable to live in the United States illegally?

Are you planning to immigrate into the United States? If yes, never do so illegally because immigrating to the US illegally may affect you mentally and physically. There are different ways by which you can immigrate to the US legally. Before immigrating to the US, it is always advisable that you look for the right information before you start any of the traveling processes. There are some essential things you need to have before immigrating to the United States right from your home country. Some of these things are;

Passport – of course, every traveler needs a passport to show at the US port of entry. If you are planning to travel to the United States, it is a must that you have an international passport, therefore, get a passport. Make it a point of duty to check the right way of securing a passport in your home country. Make Google your best friend. Note your passport should be at least six months valid if you are traveling to the US, therefore, renew your passport if it is about to expire.

Visa – you need a visa to gain access to the United States; therefore, check the necessary documents needed for a visa interview in your home country. To be given a visa by the US embassy, you must be found worthy thus, try to be a good citizen of your country.

Other necessary documents – this may differ from country to country. To be sure of the necessary documents need, you should check on the USA immigration official website. If you have already made up your mind to travel to the united states, you should start the traveling processing on time since the process may take a long time especially if you are planning to study in the United States.

Tops reasons why it is not advisable to live in the United States illegally

Are you planning to live in the United States illegally? If yes, then you should know the side effects of doing so. Below are the reasons why it is not always advisable to live in the United States and other nations of the world illegally.

It is illegal – apart from the fact that one is open to some risky deals, it is also illegal to live in the united states illegally. There are punishments for anyone who stays in the united states illegally, and one of the punishments is always deportation. Why would you want to be deported in a new country just because you have acted against the law? Below are some negative effects of deportation;

  • The property loses – anyone deported in the united states will not be allowed to pick any of his or her belongings. This could be a sad experience therefore, always fight against deportation and fighting against deportation involves living in the US legally and abiding by the laws.
  • Mental stress – mental stress is another negative effect of deportation. This type of mental stress is common among the children and the old. No Matter the situation, never involve your children in illegal things because involving them may go a long way in affection them later in the future.

The question, do i need an esta to travel Needs to be given answers to by every citizen of the visa waiver program countries planning to travel to the US. It is also important that they check their esta validation date before they plan a trip.

Freedom – Freedom is a good thing to experience, especially in a foreign land. To be free, never live in the United States illegally because doing so will not put your mind at rest. As an illegal immigrant in the United States, you won’t be able to do the following while you are still in the country.

  • Drive – of course, why will you drive when you cannot apply for a driver’s license? Inability to drive in the United States means a lot especially in some cities and towns where everyone needs at least a car to survive.
  • Work legally – illegal immigrants are not allowed to work in the United States thus if you are planning to immigrate into the united states illegally, then finding an illegal job is going to be difficult in the sense that you will not have access to the social security number (SSN). SSN is very important if you want to enjoy your stay in the US. The SSN allows you to open a bank account, and register for other important programs.

Bad reputation – a good name is more valuable than gold and diamond therefore, always run away from illegal activities as this may affect one later in the future. Living in the United States is one of the illegal activities that you should not involve yourself. Always be a good citizen of your country and a good representative of your family.