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Online Employee Tracker Hubstaff – What is so great about it?

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The name online employee tracker Hubstaff might be one which you would have heard to be circulated in today’s times. This is because long gone are the days when managers would manually create schedules and then distribute it around the workplace. Thanks to advancements being made in technology, everyone seems to be adopting one software or another. In a lot of cases, you would find people to be opting for Hubstaff. That might get you wondering – What is so great about this particular software?

In simple words, this would be a productivity tool that would come armed with activity monitoring, time tracking, payroll, and tons of other features. As such, it would be perfect for those businesses who would be heavily involved in managing remote teams. With the help of this software, they would be able to function and operate efficiently by encountering fewer headaches. Hubstaff would automate almost all the processes that would otherwise have proved to be time-consuming and problematic if outdated and traditional tools would have been used. By having this software by their side, users would be confident that payroll, client invoices, and employee timesheets would be timely and accurate.

Features of online employee tracker Hubstaff

Online timesheets and time tracking

In Hubstaff, you would be able to get mobile and desktop apps which would easily be downloadable. In addition, you would also be able to get an extension for Chrome browser. This would mean that you would be able to enable time tracker as and when it would be required. Time could either be entered manually or tracked in a continuous manner, depending upon the permissions which would be granted. As for timesheets, these would be automatically generated, thus reducing the load of administrative work which would otherwise need to be done. With the help of online timesheets, billing, payroll, and time tracking would easily be connected. This would mean that everything could be done in one platform. Other than that, users would also be able to approve and review timesheets or monitor the projects which would be moving forward or lagging behind. Various calendar views would also be available so that managers would be able to get an understanding of load capacity and team performance.

GPS tracking, employee monitoring

Another feature that needs to be highlighted for online employee tracker Hubstaff would be its employee monitoring and GPS tracking. With employee monitoring, users would be able to see the progress of work. Screenshots of remote workstations would be automatically taken. Based on mouse and keyboard usage, activity levels could be captured. Reports and timesheets could also be easily exported. The GPS tracking feature would be highly useful for those companies who would be mostly dealing with remote teams and freelancers. With this, they would be able to track time and attendance and then determine the amount of time which was actually spent working.

Integrations, scheduling, 24/7 support, and payroll

Hubstaff would be able to provide its users with an integrated solution that would provide payroll functionality for all sizes of businesses. By integrating with various payment solutions, managers would no longer need to worry about payment methods. The employees would also be able to see their next tasks. With attendance and time reports, insight would be provided so that informed decisions could be made.


You would find their pricing plans to be divided into three categories. The first one would be a free plan, which would only include one user and basic limited features. The next one, known as the Basic plan, would cost $5 per month per user. As for the Premium plan, it would cost $10 per user per month and would come with the total package. One thing that would be good to know would be that the paid plans would come with a free trial of 14 days.

Final thoughts

Hence, online employee tracker Hubstaff would undoubtedly be something which would be able to do wonders for your business. With this productivity tool, it would be able to support important processes like accounting, payroll, and timesheets. In other words, you would find this to be a modern solution aimed at improving employee attendance and visibility, work transparency, and also boost productivity. This, in turn, would ensure growth and profitability of your business.