Online marketplace software from Experts to start trading platform

Online Marketplace Software by Rademade allows you to build a multi vendor platform quickly and efficiently, run it and start earning in ecommerce without wasting time and effort.

Best marketplace software ever: dream or reality?

Throughout history, the market and/or auction has been and remains an integral part of the culture, business, and extension. Here buyers and sellers, companies and individuals are acquainted, information and goods are exchanged, links are established. Digital markets operate on the same principle. These can be different versions of the relationship: b2b, b2c, c2c. But their communities usually have an interesting area for each peer.


Today, there are various solutions for creating an ecommerce website: from coding from scratch to advanced ecommerce platforms that provide the ability to plug in a module for specific customer requirements. But the golden mean and the optimal solution to launch your online multi vendor store is expert software like This ready-made and customizable solution is the best builder and cms for the shopping platform.

How to choose online marketplace software?

The market online marketplace software is not small. You can choose between open source platforms or licensed, Saas or Pass based, written in PHP or another programming language. The assortment of software is diverse: Magento or WordPress, Xcart or Spree. Some of them are simple and are distributed for free, while some script seems extremely cluttered, but provide cheaper rates. But OMS by Rademade wins in comparison with them.


The choice of management system depends on how much control you want over your marketplace. To build a truly cool multiuser webshop (like Amazon, Alibaba, AirBnB, Uber, Etsy and similar top websites and app), you will need as much control over your online marketplace and many tools for customization. Here are some important functions of large trading web sites:

  • Geolocation to show vendors near user’s home
  • Chat between seller and buyer and sale notification
  • Calendar for date/time management
  • Different business plugins
  • Payment system plugins for different business model
  • The rating system for each vendor.


Online Marketplace Software by Rademade provides the integration of exactly those plugins that your company needs, regardless of whether you sell the product or service. This will make the platform extremely flexible and infinitely scalable. Your customers will be able to use the application, login via Fb and email, enjoy a stylish design and will definitely love such a marketplace.

How did we create the best marketplace software?

OMS by Rademade is a fast and effective way to start a development of selling website and saves a lot of your time. We are confident of this, because we have devoted several years to the creation of successful markets from scratch, and then made marketing research to analyze the greatest needs of customers.

This is the basis for creating a fully secure and reliable MVP for any niche market.


  • Admin dashboards
  • Your own domain name
  • One time payment
  • Multi-language interface
  • Unlimited categories, vendors, products
  • Daily backups
  • SSL certificates
  • SEO optimized
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Mobile responsive


We will also help you choose a reliable hosting and server provider, consult on how to use the products needed for MVP to gain traction, how to approve vendors and how to check the statistics for growth and sales. Because Rademade is a team of first-class specialists with extensive experience, a team that is focused on the result and wants the site to really work and brings money. And it so happened that we created the best marketplace software – OMS by Rademade.