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Oris: Watches That Fits Your Extreme Sports Activities

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Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded Oris in 1904 after purchasing the Lohner and Co. watch manufacturer in Hölstein, Switzerland. The duo named the enterprise after the Orisbach stream near the manufacturing site, which inspired the name. Oris also became the town’s largest employer over the next few years.

It gradually grew by opening factories in a wide range of locations until around the 1920s. Oris also had a shuttle to transport workers to/from their workplace. Oris has a strong vision of what its pieces could be like from the beginning. The brand targets experts such as pilots, divers, and even motor racing. The company’s brand popularity soon expanded to the point that consumers were willing to pay for it.

Diving And Motorsport

Oris also has a rich history of being involved with sport, especially underwater and road racing. Along with aviation, these two sports are also the foundations on which Oris exists today as an organization. When Oris introduced the Oris Aquis Date, the company gained a lot of traction in Europe. Probably one of the best Swiss dive pieces has been the Aquis Date.

With a 30 bar water-resistant, it can achieve depths of 300 meters. It now has a multidirectional bezel that is more durable than a metal bezel with an aluminum overlay. Except at full depth, the chronograph indexes and hands are comprehensively attributable to the generous SuperLuminova coating. The date is displayed at the six o’clock spot with 733 movements on the watch, centered on SW 200-1.

The Oris Motorsport series highlights a partnership with Formula One team Williams. Oris’ Motor racing sets include classic and contemporary timepieces. They do have a sturdy build that was explicitly designed for races by track experts.

Aviation Industry Watch

Oris is also known for producing high-end aviation Swiss watches. Experts believe Oris watches to be among the finest in the market. The Oris BC3 is part of Oris aviation series. This piece raises the bar in both precision and symmetry. The watch, as complicated as it can look, is really very simple. This is a three-hand watch with a six o’clock day and date window.

If you’re a pilot, and this brand will surely ring a bell when you hear it. It has a collection that is intended for the aviation industry or, let’s say, pilots. You can check on the website and know more about the history and the watch collection.

Vintage Watches

Oris Vintage watches are mostly relatively inexpensive. They will cost anything from only about $100 to just over $500. Vintage Oris men’s pieces were not as valuable as newer versions, although prices are likely to increase with the brand’s and popularity in the near future. These Swiss watches, on the other hand, do not like to trade right now.

Innovative and Reliable Watch

Oris has specialized in commercial watchmaking since 1904. The brand is still growing today, with an emphasis on innovation and artistry. The brand is distinctive in that it is not only based in a specific Swiss location but also takes chances. The company is proud of its mechanical engineering and how it supports it rather than leaving it in favor of new technologies.

Oris adheres to its guiding principle: “Things must make sense.” While the brand progresses, it starts to bring in new enthusiasts from all over the world. Now, it’s a company that has proven to be a reliable and successful player in the market. With continued innovation to meet the demand, this watch brand will stand still for years.

Oris Watch Price Range

Oris offers high-quality timepieces at affordable rates. For example, the Oris Big Crown ProPilot Date, another of the company’s most iconic men’s watches, costs approximately $1,000. The Oris Aquis Date costs roughly $1,200, whereas the Oris Chronoris Date costs less than $1,400.

Nevertheless, limited-edition men’s collections, such as the Artelier 110 Years Limited Edition, will cost up to $15,600. The piece features a red-gold case that is worth the money you spent with, owing to the unique in-house Calibre 110. The quality and material used for this expensive model are truly worth every dollar spent.


There are a lot of watches available in the market today that will truly match your active lifestyle. But, some of the sports watches available are unrealistically expensive. If you choose this brand, you will still be able to buy one at around $1,000 and enjoy the features that will match your sports activities.