part time jobs from home

Part time Jobs from Home

All of us have jobs, but sometimes jobs don’t pay much to full fill all our needs even though we work harder, do overtime, etc. But you know what, you still have other ways to earn money, these ways are easy and just require a computer, an internet connection and some of your precious time. Here in this post I am gonna show you Top online part-time jobs from home from which you can earn a decent amount of money.

part time jobs from home

  1. Get paid for Clicking on Ads

    This is the easiest part-time job, in this, you get paid for clicking on advertisements, you just have to view the Ad for 15-30 seconds and you earn a little amount of credit for it, doing that for one hour to two hours, you can collect a decent amount of money. How much you earn from one Ad generally depends on the type of Ad and the website you are using for this job. Some of the top-paying PayforClick sites are “”, “”, “”.

  2. Completing online Surveys

    This is another easiest part-time job from home in which you have to complete or fill different survey form, you just have to provide your opinion about different topics or products. These surveys help companies in creating their data and hence strategies. You can earn a lot from these. Top paying Survey sites are “”, “”, “”.

  3. Blogging or guest posting

    Blogging is posting about different topics, sharing your knowledge, daily experiences, tips & ideas, etc. You can create your own blog and earn money from it or you can post on someone else blog who’ll pay you for it. Content creation on the Internet is paid pretty well, so you might consider it as part-time jobs from home and earn some fortune. Companies like ““, “” provide Ad scripts that you can implement on your blog and whenever a visitor comes on your website, you get paid for it, simple.

  4. Online data entry or form filling jobs

    If you do not get bored of typing and your typing speed is pretty good then you should try out these jobs as they pay well and all you have to do is fill the form with data for companies. Small start-ups or companies with insufficient funds provide these kinds of jobs online as they are cheap for them but can earn you a good fortune.

  5. Captcha solver

    You know what a Captcha is, you have solved it multiple times while creating accounts on different sites. Yes, you can get paid for just filling the text field with the characters in the captcha, it is that easy. The software doesn’t have the capability to read the captcha images, that’s why this job can be only done by a human being. Companies that create several bots or scripts need people to actually just fill up these captcha’s and they’ll pay you for it. Some of the sites which provide this kind of job are “”, “”, “”.

  6. Youtube

    Yes, you can also earn money from youtube, but this job requires more of your time, a bit more work and creativity. You can upload videos on youtube and get paid according to the views it gets and the number of people clicked on the Ad while watching your videos. Youtube pays through “” which pays a nice amount for decent views, so if you got something interesting to show to the world or some tips/tricks on something, then go record a video and upload it.

  7. Other jobs

    There are other jobs also, like Online Consultancy, Online Tutoring or online slots affiliate and many others but they require more of your time and may not be called as a part-time job. The above six is the best, easy and decent paying online part time jobs from home which requires no investments except your time.

So, that’s all for top online part time jobs from home, hope you found this post useful and it helped you earn some fortune. If you got any other ideas for part-time jobs from home please feel free to comment down below, maybe I’ll include them in my next post. Also if any queries then comment down.