Aztec Fashion: 5 Popular Types of Mexican Clothing

Did you know that Mexico is the 3rd largest Latin American country, and it was first occupied by the Olmecs? Mexican clothing along with its people has a vast and varied culture spanning over many years.

In this article, you’ll discover traditional Mexican clothing and how to represent it. Read on to discover this beautiful Aztech fashion you won’t want to miss.

1. Rebozo

The Rebozo is a modern take on what’s called a Tilmàtli, an ancient Aztec cloak. It’s to be worn over clothing and works as multiple types of garments. You can fold it, tye it, or place it in several different ways and styles. If you want to wear it as a cape, blouse, or shawl, the options are endless.

2. The Huipil

The Huipil is a sleeveless tunic, and what’s worn during hotter temperatures. Since it doesn’t hug the body it allows air to flow through easily. The Huipil is often paired with the Rebozo.

3. Serape

The serape is a mix between a poncho, blanket, and shawl. It was originally worn by shepherds and farmers. The serape is made from wool or fleece with browns and grays. With the acceleration of tourists in the area, they come in brightly colored materials now.

Many of the designs today more resemble Mayan culture since many of them are handwoven by Mayan families.

4. Baja Jacket

The Baja Jacket is a hooded jacket worn in Mexico mostly by men, but some women do as well. Baja jackets are very warm since it has a hood, and it also has a large pocket.

5. Poncho

Ponchos are well-known around the world and loved by many, but traditionally are Mexican. It’s meant to keep warm outside. The classic poncho is a piece of cloth with a hole for your head. There are no sleeves but sometimes will have a hood.

6. Huarache

A Huarache is a traditional sandal first worn by early tribal groups in Mexico, before European colonization. It’s a leather-woven sandal found in southern Mexico. It made a comeback in the 20th century and poor communities was made with cloth and rubber tires.

They’re still handmade in parts of Mexico but can be quite expensive since they’re made with leather.

7. Mexican Pointy Boots

Mexican Pointy Boots are also known as Tribal Boots, popular among Mexican men. They’re most popular in nightclubs and comedy sketches. They’re not commonly worn at work since the point of the boot can be quite high.

8. Mexican Cowboy Boots

Mexican Cowboy Boots look very similar to American boots and used by cowboys in Mexico in the 1800s. They’re made of leather from exotic animals such as lizards, ostrich, bulls, or armadillo. They can be flat or high-heeled. They normally have narrow pointed toes.

Mexican Clothing Fashion

Whether you’re looking to find some beautiful Mexican clothing or learn about the history of it, these different styles of clothing have a vast history in Mexico. Would you like to learn more about lifestyle and travel? Check out our other articles.