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These days, many things are fighting over people’s attention. From social media to advertisements, causes, events, work, personal life, social life, and so many other things, it’s hard to keep them glued long enough on one thing to really pay attention. And this is the challenge that many presenters face. How can you make them sit long enough to listen long enough to understand what you’re saying and find value in it? Often, there’s also that challenge to persuade them to act on something or make a choice.

Many presenters fall prey to the so-called death by PowerPoint but it really doesn’t have to be that way. PowerPoint has been around for so long and it continues to be one of the best platforms around to create slideshows. It’s just up to you to make the most of its many wonderful features and make those blank slides come alive for your audience.

Take out the Hassle of Creating Slides from Scratch

The problem with presentations is, it can be tedious to create one, much more one that is really great-looking and interactive. Just looking at a blank slide alone can be daunting for most people. What they don’t know is that there’s an easy way to create winning and memorable presentations that will get the job done for you, and that is to inform, inspire, and persuade.

While there are many portals that offer PowerPoint presentation templates, nothing beats the free presentation templates provided by PPTtemplate.net. When it comes to templates, PPTtemplate.net is one of the first sites around to offer free, high-quality themes, backgrounds, and templates for PowerPoint.

Over the years, the site has expanded its collection considerably with carefully curated and professionally designed free PowerPoint templates. With thousands of high-quality presentation templates, backgrounds, and PowerPoint themes that are all seamlessly compatible with PowerPoint as well as with Google Slides, you will not run out of choices. Whatever your purpose for creating slideshows, you’ll be sure to find one or more that suits your fancy. It’s easy to look for templates to suit your presentation requirements, and it’s only choosing the one you like that can be a challenge because there’s so many beautiful templates and themes available.

By going over the hundreds of categories alone, you’ll have a glimpse of how much there are in the collection. Whether it’s for a certain school report, holiday, corporate pitches, industry, or theme, there’s something for everybody. Aside from the categories, FPPT also allows you to click on the most used tags to find the best templates based on your needs. Also, there’s always the search box for you to type in a keyword to narrow down your search.

Easily Customizable Slides for Every Need

Since PPTtemplate.net has been around for a long time, it has a vast collection of PowerPoint templates and other presentation resources across all versions of PowerPoint. This means that you don’t have to upgrade your own version to get the presentation template that you want. You will always have a range of choices to best fit your needs.

Templates available in this resource are also compatible with other presentation platforms available today, such as Google Slides and Keynote, or even OpenOffice. However, one of the preferred platforms to use the templates is Microsoft PowerPoint, because of its simplicity and intuitive interface, allowing you to make the most of the application’s latest and most amazing features. Like the templates provided by other portals and PowerPoint template providers, it is possible to animate the slides or download templates with transitions or even create more sophisticated presentations with animated PowerPoint templates.

One such feature is customization. Slide templates are fully customizable. So while they each have a present look, format, and background, you can still take the reins on how you want your own deck to look. You can change up many aspects and elements of the slides, from the color scheme, theme, font styles, images, layouts, and more.

The templates also come with matching layouts to give your slides some variety while still staying true to its theme, like the free scientific Einstein PowerPoint template. This easily makes your deck look professional and cohesive. Add this to PowerPoint’s new Design feature, which allows you tailored layouts that make your slides look like they’re created by real PowerPoint professionals.

Get Templates for Free

Another great thing about PPTTemplate is that the templates and resources you can find in the portal are all free. This means you can easily create your own library of templates for your own easy presentation making without having to shell out anything.

Unlike other portals that charge you for every download or ask you to subscribe within a certain period, the site doesn’t require any payment or subscription. Its rich library of full-featured templates is all available openly, without any hidden charges or obligations.

Aside from templates, you can also access a wide range of backgrounds and individual slides. The backgrounds vary depending on your industry, preference or purpose. They are all compatible with PowerPoint and can be further customized to match your existing presentation. As for the slides, they are expertly created to add to your presentations for a richer and more dynamic deck. The slides have special features, such as animations, videos, effects, animations, and visuals that you can use as a creative and more interactive way to send your message across. They also help to further enrich your already existing slides.

Go ahead and try out some of the templates from PPTTemplate.net yourself. Visit the portal and access more than 1,000 slides, templates, and other presentation resources.

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