How to promote your ICO effectively?

In the highly unregulated process of raising funds for your cryptocurrency project, your initial coin offering (ICO) should be effective.

ICO is a fairly new venture which arrived in the horizon with the advent of cryptocurrencies. There are risks associated and everything is not ‘peaches and cream’.

You will gain an upper hand with this guide on powerful ICO Marketing. These are well-researched highlights which you can refer and keep handy.

How to promote your ICO, well explained:

Work on a strategy and build a plan

Consider asking the below foundation questions:

  • What is the pain this problem is creating?
  • What is the problem your project going to solve?
  • Who will be benefited from your project?
  • Who are your competitors in the market?
  • How unique is your solution?

Once you have identified the right audience, their problems and how your solution would address the adversities, you can create a compelling marketing strategy as a gateway to the ICO market.

Work on gathering all marketing collaterals

Once the strategy is in place, focus on gathering essential collaterals for a successful marketing plan. You need an entire suite of integrated marketing materials.

The typical list of marketing collaterals you should have are:

  • ICO Whitepaper
  • ICO Website
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Pitch Decks
  • A demo video

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Using whitelisting for community building

The success of ICO is not only measured by the number of tokens sold, but also by the spirit and size of the community you build throughout the ICO marketing process.

You can utilize whitelisting campaign while creating a community. A whitelisting campaign can help you build a circle of members who are interested in an ICO, prepare an email base and generate awareness.

The audience is not at all defined by its number; instead, by the number of potential investors.

Users can get a premium position on the whitelist by making contributions like:

  • Referrals to the whitelist
  • Posts in groups and forums
  • Github contributors
  • Sharing social posts
  • Guest blogging


Leverage content marketing

Content is a powerful tool for every marketing strategy. Creating, implementing and executing an exhaustive content marketing system is essential to be an excellent player in the ICO market.

Valuable content defines the way your project is recognized and examines the genuineness of your message.

When it comes to marketing an ICO project, you may have to create content in the following forms:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Press Releases
  • Podcasts

Every piece of content should be custom made according to a specific audience you are willing to target. Designing your content strategy in this way can help you reach the targeted audience within a short span of time.

Promotion on other social networks and crypto communities

Cryptocurrency communities are incredibly knowledgeable which can either make or break an ICO. It definitely helps to gain the trust of communities and should be a priority for marketers.

Though you might come across a vast amount of avenues for marketing ICOs, some of the popular communities for ICO promotion are:

  • Specialised Forums and Websites like Bitcoin Talk, CoinSchedule where you can discuss your upcoming ICO.
  • Reddit for creating subreddits and commenting on popular threads to generate high exposure.
  • Quora discussions where a lot of experts discuss ICOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and other new technologies.
  • LinkedIn professionals groups like Bitcoin Blockchain & Fintech Think Tank, ICO Investment Network, and Blockchain and Bitcoin Startups
  • Telegram is the fastest-growing social media platform and has gained popularity for ICO and cryptocurrency discussions.

Make sure to keep the audience well aware and discuss your project on the above crypto communities.

As discussed, marketing an ICO is not an easy process. A marketer needs to build a well-structured marketing plan to launch ICO without any failures. If you are a novice to marketing principles, prefer hiring ICO marketing services provider who can help you promote ICO extensively.

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As emphasized in this discussion, you have to stay focused and build your awareness on your strategy. With such great tips, your cryptocurrency project will surely be geared for success.

Read and revise! Also, do write back. Your comments are welcome and we actively address the most practical suggestions.