Quick Guide to Sales Management Software

Any business engaged in outside sales deals with large volumes of lead-related information alongside an army of field sales reps that must be managed and motivated to convert prospects into paying customers. In the mayhem that an outdoor sales process can be sometimes, it is not uncommon for genuine leads to go off the radar unnoticed even before they have been explored.

If you’re a sales manager who’s ever lost a genuine lead to mismanagement, you’d want to know more about outside sales management software and learn how they can iron out the day-to-day struggles you encounter in your sales process. Here’s a quick and easy insight to get you started.

Why you should consider implementing a good outdoor sales management system

If you and your team are struggling to keep track of leads, it’s probably time for you to invest in a good lead tracking software that will empower your field reps to track leads in real time, save critical information about each prospect, and rank prospective customers based on their interest in your product or service. In addition, a good outdoor sales app also enables reps to contact leads directly from the mobile app, fix appointments and filter prospects based on different parameters.

All this and more is possible with a good lead tracking app so that you can eliminate the chaos and confusion from lead generation, follow-up and conversion in one single step. By having an efficient tracking system in place, you’ll empower your outdoor sales team to be more productive and drive them to surpass their individual and group targets.

A comprehensive sales management solution enables greater performance management, eliminates confusion over territory assignment, provides real-time personnel tracking, provides organized and filter-friendly data lists and basically takes the pain out of an outdoor sales process.

What features should you look for in a sales tracking solution?

First and foremost, any sales tracking system should be mobile-friendly and easy to use, so that it can be installed on every team member’s mobile phone and can be used outdoors. The key features you should want in the product include the following.

  • Territorial mapping of prospects for efficient territory assignment
  • Ability to save lead information such as name, address and contact details
  • Customizable data entry fields
  • Ability to communicate with your team members in a group and individually
  • Ability to contact leads via phone or email directly through the app
  • Real-time appointment information and GPS-enabled route planning
  • Detailed homeowner information
  • Up-to-date closing data and sales reports
  • Ability to filter and select prospects on parameters such as location, motivation to purchase, appointment status, etc.
  • Team and individual performance management
  • Easy file attachment and sharing, including photos and videos
  • Connectivity with web services used by your organization
  • Digital contracts for swift closure of sales transactions
  • In-built CRM capability

Aside from having these essential features, a good sales management app should be affordable, cost-effective and easily integrable with your existing sales management technologies. With an advanced lead tracking system, you’ll never lose out on a good lead again.