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6 Common Reasons Why Parents Need To Spy on Kids Social Media Accounts


Having accounts on social media have become very common nowadays. As per study even the kids belonging to the age group 10-15 have their FB accounts, Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts, as well as personal Whatsapp accounts. Do you think it is good to have a personal social account at this age? Well, I think there is no issue if your kids are on the right track.

But you might be thinking how to identify whether your child is following the right path or not? You will feel a change in their behavior. Yes, parents, if your kid is doing any unwanted activity or has stuck in any danger of social media challenge, there will start behaving differently. The following are the symptoms of it:

  • They will keep everything to themselves.
  • They would not prefer to hang out with their friends and family members.
  • They will have mood swings and so on.

So, parents, these are the signs which reflect that your child has stuck in a cyber bully. It has been proved that using social media and keeping engaged all the time in gadgets, affects the person physically as well as psychologically. The radiations of these gadgets are very dangerous as well as harmful. It can affect your mental health, can cause a headache and pain in your back, it can also result in a blur vision, obesity, lack of sleep, eye strain, and so on.

The age group of 10-17 years is the age group where children enjoy the use of social media and cannot identify what is right and what is wrong for them. Continuous use of social media and getting engaged all the time in the mobile phones can let them in a cybercrime. So, as a parent, you must protect them and save them from cyberbullies.

Well, this is the reason why I am here with this tutorial today because I want to help many parents whose children are stuck in a cybercrime.

6 Reasons to Spy or monitor social media accounts

There are some reasons why parents should Spy or monitor social media accounts which I am going to share with you guys.

#1. Share Private Photos Spy On Social Media_Tispy.jpeg

Children think that it is cool to share their nude pictures or hot pictures with someone else. They even find it funny to share someone else picture on social media. So, as a parent, you should monitor your child and stop their behavior.

You should stop your kid from posting such pictures online because it can affect their image and reputation.

Tispy can help you to monitor your children and let you know if your child is getting indulged in any cyber activity. TispyFacebook Tracker feature allows parents to track & monitor facebook messages along with time & date stamp, sender’s name, and other information. Not just facebook application but with the use of Tispy parents can track & monitor major social media accounts like Instagram, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, imo and many more.

#2.Cyber Identity Theft

Cyber Identity Theft means making the use of someone else identity either to blackmail that person or for any financial advantage. There are chances that your child have stuck in a Cyber Identity Theft or dig the other person into it. Identity theft is a huge crime from which you need to aware of your child and him from getting indulged in it.

#3.Texting or chat with unknown friends

Well, if your child is regularly updated in online activities, obviously there are chances that he/she will try to talk to the unknown personality or the other person can try to talk to them.

If your child is talking about illegal activities to their online friends, you have a full right to interfere and stop your child from doing it.

#4.Irrelevant content

It is very common that your child may find the irrelevant contents on social media like FB, Google, YouTube, Instagram and so on. So, to stop your kid from getting exposed to such content, monitoring them is necessary.

#5.Harmful chatrooms or groups

Everyone is kind and beautiful on the Internet. No one will reveal their real identity to anyone. There are chances that your child is talking to the person who is indirectly taking all your family personal information from him. It may also happen that your child starts believing that person and find you as against him. So, be careful to whom your child is talking and what he is talking about.

#6.Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is a common issue among social media users. Your child can be one of them. It may happen that your child is receiving and faulty texts or messages or someone is blackmailing them. Monitoring can help you to know if someone else is bullying your child.


Well, the Internet is a place which can be helpful to you, but at the same time, it can be a dangerous place for your child also. So, monitor them and keep them away from all the dangers of the social world. Thank You.