7 Reasons behind the Popularity of Magento 2 Development

Popularity of Magento 2 Development

Magento 2 is the leading software for the present and future shop owners of eCommerce. Magento 2 features modern technologies, simplified customizations and modified directory structures, and like most of the platforms, Magento 2 also has both, front end and backend. The content, functionality and the look of the online business are now much easier to control with the use of the Magento Software. According to a recent survey, 1 out of every 4 businesses uses the Magento Software. 200,000 online retailers seek the assistance of the Magento Software for their online eCommerce business. Magento 2 is successful in creating the most user-friendly, and scalable eCommerce environment, to date. There are many factors to compile when considering the success of any technological platform. The various elements may be favorable for end-users, businesses, and developers. But, in the case of Magento 2, it is for all. And, for all the right reasons, Magento 2 is such a hit.

The performance and page load time

Only a wait time of hundred milliseconds to process any query and find the relevant results has the potential to convert a general visitor into a potential paying customer. When it comes to handling the requests from a user, Magento 2 is the winner. Magento 2 is fast and has a practical framework, so says all the expert developers who performed several tests on the software. Unlike in Magento 1, which did not have a favorable reputation with page loading times, Magento 2 is the upgraded version which was much awaited by the users. The fast and effective framework reduces a very substantial amount of development times, and the page loading time in Magento 2 is swift.

Enables faster add to cart response time

In the previous version of Magento, users mostly complained about how long it took to process the request of a product add to cart, especially the users with slow internet connections. But with Magento 2, the problem is resolved and the speed of add to cart process is also incomparable with any other. Magento 2 achieves the highest conversion rates and closes the deal without any hassles.

Enhanced Flexibility

The latest version of Magento 2 allows its user to explore the various new features and create unique user experiences. Also, Magento is open-source. To meet specific business needs, the developers can also include specialized back-end workflows. The online retail store owner can now dictate how their store will appear and operate. Without bringing in significant changes to the code, developers can use features like sales, checkout, and CRM, enable or disable them. The testing framework of Magento 2 is as such that the performance of the functional tests is in a much faster pattern.

Improved User Experience

One of the major highlights of the new platform of Magento 2 is its user experience. Customers can personalize and engage in shopping on the website from any device, without facing any glitches. The developers of Magento 2 realized the demands of the shoppers and fulfilled their desire to engage in shopping from any device at any time. Moreover, Magento 2 allows the website to create different screen resolutions depending on the device. With Magento 2, one can create a responsive website which is accessible by the shoppers, is user-friendly and with different screen resolutions of the different devices.

An improved admin panel

Now managing the admin panel is very easy in processing the orders and managing the numerous various products and their categories. By adding more columns to the grid and sorting out the products were never easier and quicker than it is for the admin panel of Magento 2. After the involvement of a grid view in the admin panel, the retail store owners find it much easier to add any detail or edit any information directly, just like they would do to make the changes in an excel worksheet. With high product import capabilities, sorting of the products was never easier.

Compatible with many User Platforms

Magento 2, the latest version of Magento is built to support many different popular technologies and platforms like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Apache 2.2 and Require JS. With the help of Visual Design Editor, the developers can now easily modify the blocks and containers of the website through the admin panel interface.

Completely new interface

Magento’s default theme Lumo is a significant change to the predecessor, Magento 1. Eye-catching mobile-friendly images, the fresh typography helps the developers in creating a very responsive, user-friendly and eye-catching user interface.

Magento 2 is different from the various PHP based eCommerce platforms, and the features above allow an organization to choose Magento 2, over any other software for their E-commerce website. Faster response time and a wide range of functionalities enable the developers to create faster and user-friendly eCommerce websites that increase the business and hence a widely popular choice.