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8 Sales Strategies That Will Get Your Products Flying off the Shelves

8 Sales Strategies That Will Get Your Products Flying off the Shelves

You’ve got a great product—yet it’s still not coming off the shelves as you’d like? If so, you need to reassess your sales approach.

Sales talent isn’t something we’re born with but it definitely can be taught and you can master it. Therefore, it’s your sales tactics that will mesmerize customers and keep them coming back for more. There are several sales strategies out there the key is to find those that work you.

Do you want to crush your sales goals this year? Here are seven sales strategies that will get your products moving fast.

1. Selling the Benefits

Being in the sales industry you’re already aware that your customers are becoming not only more educated about your sales tactics but they are also looking for value at the cheapest cost. They are also asking how does your product actually solve their needs?

When pitching or doing your discovery to create a need for your product on the customer’s part, be sure to highlight the features of the product but more importantly tell how these features benefit them by meeting their needs. Highlight the value of your product based on how its features and benefits align with their needs.

2. Create Unbreakable Customer Ties

Make your relationship with your customers the most important thing. By doing so you will be much more attuned to their needs. Start by going above and beyond by delivering excellent customer service. Be knowledgeable of your products and underline how they are beneficial to the customer.

Practice active listening and effective communication strategies. Listen to your customers’ needs, empathize as needed by putting yourself in their shoes.

Incorporate feedback into your communication. Ask customers what they think about your products and if you have satisfied their needs and concerns.

3. Find Your Products’ Niche

Be specific about your target market. Look at your customers’ consumption trends. Try to understand their personalities and note all similarities.

Consider your market’s demographics in line with your products. What age group, ethnicity or gender are you catering to?

Along with the demographics also examine personal traits by asking the right questions to determine values, interests, and personality. Include these in your sales pitch.

4. Social Media Is Your Best Friend

Social media is great for both advertising and marketing. By sharing your products on your social media pages your customers can do a great promotional job.

Customer reviews are an excellent way of capturing new customers as well as providing you with key areas for improvement. Take it a bit further and create your own business page as this is a superb form of advertising and offers an extensive reach to customers.

5. The Right Product at a Great Price

Do market research on your competitors to determine the right price for your products. The price will be determined by your products’ value in the customers’ eyes. Therefore you need to research your market and target your audience carefully.

Also, consider the worth of your products in your target market, the reason for your competitors’ prices and the reasons why your customers will pay a specific price.

Be sure to ask these questions before starting to produce the product or setting up the service. They are crucial to your business’ success.

Another thing you should remember is to always make your products easy to buy and easy to track in your inventory. Make sure you have a point of sale system in place. You can find out where to purchase a POS system from reputable websites that give business advice.

6. Enthused Sales Representatives

A motivated salesperson, whether they work virtually or physically, is an asset to any team. A good initiative for sales representatives is to have a measurable and attainable objective that they are working towards.

Ensure that both proper training and coaching programs are available to your representatives. These make them aware of the best sales practices and also provides help with areas that need improvement.

Reward hardworking and high-achieving representatives with incentives and other forms of recognition. The strength of your sales reps will determine your bottom line.

7. Try Using Urgent Need as One of Your Sales Strategies

Your customers will buy your products either to meet their needs or resolve their problems. Create campaigns that create a sense of urgency based on this need or problem. Again use the features and benefits of your product to let your customers see how badly they need your product.

Paint a picture with the benefits to show them what a great opportunity they would be investing in. In your pitch also mention terms such as “limited time offer” to depict the need to not miss this wonderful opportunity being offered. Also, personalize the offer with phrases such as, “Just for you today”.

8. Importance of Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Create a need for bundling. For example, if your customer has a phone, cross-sell an accessory such as a case. What’s even greater is to offer a discount.

Another thing you can do is upsell. McDonald’s perfected this when they asked customers, “Would you like fries with that?” Perhaps you have heard it in person yourself.

The basis is simply to dangle something extra that will compliment the product that the customer is currently buying. Upsells are especially useful if your customer has a basic package with you already. You can then create a need and sell the benefits of a product that offers more.

Creating a Winning Formula

Sales are challenging but with the right sales strategies, your products will be flying off the shelves. The key is to remember to sell to your customers based on benefits. Always highlight how your products can meet their needs or solve their problem.

Create a need for your product, target the right audience, offer unbeatable prices. Moreover, create strong ties, cross-sell, offer good service via motivated reps and tap into social media.

Also, human resources are very valuable too. Remember that the people you hire as sales representatives will either make or break your business based on their motivation.

Once you do all of this you will be well on your way to seeing a rise in sales. If you would like more sales tips, please visit the business section of our website where you will receive all the help you need.