Sandisk X300s SSD which is capable of Self Encryption

Living between so many hackers can cause damage to your data, that’s why here comes Sandisk X300s series of Solid State Drive which has the capability of Self Encrypting at any time.

There are other Self-encrypting SSD in the market but not as efficient as the latest X300s. It has a usual dimension of 2.5-inch and storage size differs from 64 GB to 1 TB. Assembled with SanDisk 1Ynm MLC NAND, it is secured by onboard 256bit AES hardware encryption with FIPS 197 certified hardware crypto engine which can be easily managed by Microsoft eDrive software. As of other SSDs, its sequential read and writes speeds are 520MB/s and 460MB/s. Other key factors are it’s Random 4K read speeds are as 96,000 IOPS while the read speed is 79,000 IOPS. It’s basically designed for low queue depth performance.

Taking a look at the comparison with older models of Sandisk SSD:

Comparison with older SSD

It has got a newer NAND architecture which gives a great improvement in stability, otherwise, it has got a slight increase in the Read/Write speed and encrypting technology.

Taking a look at software, Sandisk provides a free of cost SSD optimizing software for this series of SSD, through which you can change the encryption setting, test performance and more stuff, let’s have a look at the interface:

Sandisk x300s

Sandisk x300s Software

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is stated as being up to 2,000,000 hours.
SanDisk X300s SSD will be available in May of 2014.  Pricing has not yet been indicated.