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5 SEO Perceptions that You Must Learn to Future-proof Your Business

The knowledge about SEO is essential for increasing your website traffic and creating brand awareness. With the involvement of technologies, business owners now attend seminars to learn the tricks of optimization from the brightest minds in the industry. The insights gained will help you look at the bigger picture and reflect broadly about how SEO will help in transforming your business strategy. Accordingly, you can embrace and implement strategies to make your business more future-proof. You might be wondering why SEO is so essential. Based on the findings of HubSpot, 80 percent of a site’s traffic starts when users enter a search query. That is why SEO is so important for your business. Here are five SEO perceptions that will help you future-proof your business:

1. Optimize More Things than Just Websites

Look at the bigger picture as to how the search engine giant, Google is changing. You need to understand how Google is gradually shifting from the link strategy with increased focus on language-agnostic set-ups. The search engine’s objective is streamlining everything, and it wants to improve rankings of more things than mere websites. Now, Google likes to rank everything from businesses, audio, images, music, and podcasts. All of these provide users with lots of information and do not require URLs. It was evident when Google shifted to mobile-first indexing for organizing information for internet users. Then, some entities have universal concepts or notions, which do not need websites or URLs. According to, it is high time that you familiarize yourself with new SEO wisdom and understand that you will not solely focus to rank and optimize websites.

2. Accede to Google’s Key Performance Indicators

The SERP game has changed of late, and therefore, you need to agree with Google’s key performance indicators (KPIs). According to industry experts, the usual rules do not at all times relate to the most competitive keywords when it comes to search. The search engine giant is now taking ranking to the next level, and it is beyond our normal understanding of SERP ranking aspect. Research shows that as far as backlinks are concerned, they mean very little in elucidating rankings, particularly for the first five positions in the SERPs. The industry experts perceive backlinks as a substitute for popularity that helps in putting a web page in contention for improved ranking. According to SEO professionals in the industry, you should make the most out of Google’s KPIs when feasible,especially when you know about them. The two key KPIs include the Pogo-stick Rate back from pages back to search and Time to SERP Interaction.

3. SEO Professionals Need to Apply More Technical Knowledge

Today, technical SEO is important, and you cannot deny the same. According to experts in the industry, SEO professionals must implement technical knowledge to cope with the speed at which innovative technologies are developing. Without adequate technical know-how, your website will have key indexing and crawling issues. Website performance is another major issue that you must consider. The experts recommend meticulous performance testing to understand how your website is functioning in real time for the end users. For example, if your business is on Instagram (IG) and a user likes or comments on your post. The accounts following that particular user will know how the user reacted to the post. If individuals screenshot a story in IG, what happens? The photo-sharing platform would not alert a user if the story was screenshot by some other account.

Just performing the usual speed test and monitoring page load time will not help you much. That is because you will not get the complete picture about the issues concerning your website. For full understanding, you must factor in objective crowd measured and real user metrics, like the Chrome User Experience Report (CRUX). If you look at the two TV series sites, Netflix and Hulu, you will understand more about the site’s performance. Netflix, for example, has to its credit a much quicker First Meaningful Paint timing, while Hulu will show you its page content only when the page has completely loaded. Therefore, Netflix has a better user experience than Hulu.

4. Provide Users the Information They Want

Did you know that many businesses fail to notice aspects like optimizing internal search? According to Search Engine Journal, just 18 per cent of companies allocates resource to improve onsite search. Again, 55 per cent of internet visitors will leave your website right away if they do not find the content or information they want. It is as simple as that. When it comes to modern web users, they are smart, educated, aware, and intelligent. They have high expectations from Google. Therefore, if they do not find relevant information in your internal website search, they will abandon your site, and you will lose revenue. The industry professionals categorized internal search as find-ability, features, active and passive behaviours, and result set quality. Once you learn about these aspects, you can improve your site’s functionality features such as geo-context, knowledge graphs, auto-complete, auto-suggest, and alternative paths.

5. Track Location in SERP

If you do not pay heed to a location in your SERP monitoring efforts, you are missing a chunk of what visitors want. Therefore, focus on smart segmentation to succeed in local SEO. Did you know that geo-modifiers play a major role in improving your organic results? Besides, you also need a better rating to rank higher in local packs. That is because Google will only allow the best quality sites to reach the top, i.e., the first five results on the first page of the SERPs.


Now that you know about these SEO perceptions, you must work towards improving traffic and rankings for your website, audio, images, music, and podcasts. Perform periodic tests for positive results. It is information that users want, and if they abandon your site, the additional whistles and bells such as organized data will not help you achieve your business goals. Therefore, you must test, figure things out, and make amends.


Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.