How to create Customizable and Adaptable Service Management Tool for Enterprises and Small/Medium Businesses


Smartym Pro’s enterprise solution will help your business run like clockwork. This software development company has developed an adaptable solution that enables intuitive, quick and effective internal business processes planning and management.

The product named Wayfarer is aimed at automating and optimizing employee management processes in an Uber-like way, and, thus, improving customer experience rates.

As a part of Smartym Pro’s web application development process, they have gathered all the necessary requirements, conducted business analysis, provided laconic and fresh UI/UX design and, as a result of a few months of hard work they have delivered a system where you can:

  • Assign orders and tasks to your employees and track the statuses;
  • Have a clear vision of all your employees’ timetables and workload level;
  • Customize the system according to your business specifics. You pay only for the features you need;
  • Collect feedback from the customers, etc.

This corporate information system is a great solution for business industries such as:

  • Cleaning companies;
  • Insurance agencies;
  • Vet clinics;
  • Logistics companies;
  • Handymen agencies;
  • Repair shops and other service-oriented businesses.

Apart from a web-based system for administrators, there is also a mobile app for employees. The mobile application is developed both for iOS and Android users. Employees have the opportunity to receive push-notifications as soon as they get a new order, log the time spent on each order/task, send and receive messages in real-time and manage their schedule.

Using this kind of system, you will decrease the time needed for task management and workforce allocation processes. Moreover, the application can become an efficient means of motivation for the employees, if you use the provided tools wisely. In the end you will have strategic help by your side, when it comes to customers’ loyalty and increasing the NPS and CSI indexes.

Smartym Pro is a full-cycle software development company that specializes in enterprise BPA solutions using progressive technologies. Since 2012 the company has delivered excellent Mobile, Web and Blockchain solutions for businesses all over the world. Smartym Pro helps ideas grow from a small blueprint to a scalable large system.