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Shared Web Hosting vs Cloud Hosting: Which one is better?

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Your company’s website is the bedrock of your business and if it happens to go down so will your activity. A Hostinger review can provide all the necessary information in determining the right type of hosting for your website to help your business run smoothly.

However, there are many differences when it comes to analyzing shared and cloud web hosting. Many may argue that shared web hosting is better than cloud hosting, but those people usually don’t evaluate security options.

Strong security or cheaper services?

Shared hosting might be charming from a financial point of view, but it is more limited when it comes to reliability. If your main care is top-end security then cloud hosting is more stable than shared hosting.

The ideal hosting decision usually depends on the estimated values of traffic to your website and on the capital that you are ready to invest in.

Here are some major distinctions between shared and cloud hosting. Understanding the contrast can help you choose the best service type for your business.

What are the main distinctions?

The main differences between shared hosting and cloud hosting are usually located in the design of the services. The shared hosting servers are dedicated and specialized servers with multiple websites on them. Web hosting businesses create and manage these types of servers, so if your website is hosted on a shared server then the resources are equal for the other websites as well.

There is a bad habit in this area where companies pack many websites on the same shared server, which can speed up your website, but it will put some security concerns on the table, respectively if a hacker gains access to one website then the other websites can be considered already compromised.

On the other side of the table cloud hosting is a more polished service because instead of deploying its activity on a single shared server, your website is hosted in the cloud independently which by all means grants top of the line security.

Cloud hosting is also more flexible than shared hosting which means that it can load data better.

Which one is more reliable?

The answer to this can have some distinctions. The shared web hosting is usually considered to be an old fashioned and conventional method of hosting, but it does have the best prices around the web and it is mainly thought to be a cost-friendly alternative for a small business, but it is rather light on the features part.

Cloud hosting is perfect for you if you know that you will be facing high traffic conditions. It is also reliable if you require dependable security options, this can be described easily because you are not depending on a dedicated server.

If you have a large site with a lot of resources to manage cloud hosting is the ideal selection for you.

Another important thing worth considering is that cloud hosting can sometimes be costly, but given its dynamic and performance, it is definitely worth the expense in comparison to the shared hosting services.

Ending ideas

In conclusion, some web companies offer cloud hosting layouts at a better price than shared ones, but in the end, it is more than clear that this is an issue of choice and your option depends mostly on individual requirements and your business requirements.